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    fiammetta Guest

    What are your favourite Welsh, Scottish and Irish names?

    I love names from these countries and I also would like to make a nod to my heritage, what are your favourite Welsh, Scottish and/or Irish names? If able, please also provide the pronunciations.

    Thank you in advance!

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    renrose Guest
    Welsh - Girls: Anwen and Ceri (keh-ree)
    Boys: Hywel (how-l)

    Irish - Girls: Saoirse (sair-sha/seer-sha), Clodagh (kloh-da), Bridie
    Boys: Ruari (rory) Lochlan (lock-lun)

    Scottish - Girls: Eilidh (ay-lee) Elspeth
    Boys: Alasdair, Malcolm

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    fiammetta Guest
    Thank you renrose! I love Anwen, Saoirse, Clodagh, Lochlan, Eilidh, Elspeth and Alasdair.

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    Welsh Girls:
    Angharad (ang-HA-rad)
    Ceridwen (keh-rid-wen)
    Eirawen (AY-ra-wen)
    Eirian (AY-ree-an)
    Gwendolen (GWEN-duh-luhn)
    Gwenllian (gwen-LHEE-an)
    Gwyneira (gwin-AY-ra)
    Myfanwy (muh-VAN-wee)
    Nesta (NES-tuh)
    Olwen (ol-wen)
    Rhiannon (ree-AN-non)
    Tesni (TES-nee)

    Welsh Boys:
    Bran (BRAHN)
    Gawain (guh-WAYN)
    Hefeydd (hev-AYD)
    Idris (id-ris)
    Meredith (ME-ruh-dith)

    Scottish Girls:
    Ailsa (AYL-suh)
    Fionnuala (fuhn-OO-luh)
    Isobel (IZ-uh-bel)

    Scottish Boys:
    Hamish (HAY-mish)
    Innes (IN-uhs)

    Irish Girls:
    Aisling (ASH-leen)
    Deirdre (DEER-druh)
    Orla (AWR-luh)
    Róisín (roe-SHEEN)
    Siofra (SHEE-fruh)

    Irish Boys:
    Ciarán (KEER-awn)
    Cillian (KIL-een)
    Fionn (FYON)
    Oisín (OSH-een)
    Rory (RAW-ree)
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    renrose Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Bran (BRAHN)
    Now I'm remembering sitting on the train going to my Welsh friend's house and hearing the train lady saying Cwmbran 'coom-BRAHN', lol.

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