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    You are a sixteen-year-old girl named Eleanor Aurora and you were born into the Erudite faction. You were raised up in the virtue of your faction which is intelligence along with your brother Edward Alexander (age 11) by your parents Everett Antony and Elizabeth Annette.

    This is what I look like:

    Today is the day that you receive your Aptitude Test. They don't tell you this, but it isn't like an ordinary test. You walk into the room to find it empty except for a dentist-like chair in the center along with a machine and a petite lady. She will administer the test. She hooks you up to the machine, hands you a vial of clear liquid to drink and you are put under a simulation which the lady will monitor. The simulation will watch how your brain acts in given situations to detect which Faction you belong in. The test ends and the lady presents you with your results: You belong in Candor. You go home and try to decide which Faction you will choose the next day at the Ceremony. The aptitude test, you know, was simply to help guide you but you aren't sure what to do. To make it even worse, you aren't allowed to discuss your results with your family members.

    You wake up the next morning with a clear mind and are thankful that you finally know which Faction you will choose. Later that day you arrive at the Choosing Ceremony and wait in line with the rest of the sixteen-year-olds. The man standing in the front of the large room with the microphone announces each teenager, one-by-one in alphabetical order. You start to daydream when you hear your name called. You walk to the center of the room where there are 5 large bowls representing each Faction. You are handed a knife with which you cut your hand and spill your blood into the bowl representing Candor.

    Directly after the Ceremony you are taken away with the rest of the new members of your new faction, though you know you aren't safe yet. You still have to make it through the Initiation before you are an official member. The bad part is, that if you fail Initiation, you become factionless (homeless). During Initiation you meet your best friend, Christopher James. While you're somewhat reserved, he’s loud and pushes you to do things you wouldn't normally do. You love having him/her around.

    Luckily by the time Initiation is over, you are a proud member of Candor.
    You've been a Candor member for 4 months when you meet Tobias William (couldn’t help myself for picking Tobias, Four rocks) via Christopher and the two of you become fast friends.

    This is what Tobias looks like:

    You seem to have a lot in common with Tobias and you really feel like you fit in. You become closer and closer, even casually flirting from time to time. You talk to Christopher about this and he tells you that you should tell Tobias how you feel. The next day Tobias asks you to take a walk with him and you agree, deciding this might be a good time to talk to him. On the way back, he is talking but stops abruptly. You stop as well. You think he looks like he is about to lean in for a kiss so you fill the gap and press your lips to his. He looks so surprised that he pulls away quickly. You realize that he stopped to swat at a mosquito that was buzzing around, not to kiss you. The two of you walk back in an awkward silence.

    You don't speak with Tobias for a week and know that your stupidity has ruined your relationship. You decide to give it one last try and explain what happened, hoping he might be able to forgive you. You pull him aside and ask to meet him later outside of your apartment. He agrees and hurries off. Later that evening he shows up in the hallway outside your door. You quickly go into a lengthy explanation of how you had liked him and how you were sorry that you screwed everything up. You keep jabbering on when he stops you by pressing his lips against yours. You deepen the kiss and he doesn't pull away. After that night the two of you are an official couple.

    You and Tobias date for four years when he proposes. Eight months later you're married.

    You've been married to Tobias for one year before you decide to start trying for a baby. Three months later you find out that you're pregnant. Nine months later you give birth to a baby boy named Abner Pax

    Three years later you are so happy with your little family, and even happier to find out that you have another bun in the oven. Nine months later you give birth to triplets, Lowell Sebastian, Morrison Nathaniel and Bronte Winifred.

    Two years later you and Tobias decide to give it one more go. This time you have one baby, baby girl named Cordelia Pearl

    You love your family so much, but you don't look forward to the day that they will also face the Choosing Ceremony, and possibly leave you.
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