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    Cast of Fairy Tale Characters (A-Z)

    The Story
    You're a writer working on a deadline. Your last book series, a paranormal romance about vampires who fall in love with humans, has sold millions of copies worldwide. Your publisher is impressed by your popularity, of course, but vampires are out. Fairy tale re-tellings are all the rage now. Your publisher wants you to write a fairy tale re-telling of your own with a colorful cast of legendary characters. If only it were so easy - you just can't seem to get those creative juices flowing. After a long and frustrating day attempting to write, you lay your head down on your desk and drift off...

    When you wake, you find yourself in the lushest, most vibrant, most enchanting forest you've ever seen. What is this place? It's just like the world you imagined for your story. Is it possible? It can't be! But it is... you've been transported to the enchanted realm from your book! Who will you meet in this exciting new place? Will you find your inspiration here?

    The Game
    The game is simple. Use each letter of the alphabet to give all 26 of the fairy tale characters below a name. Every letter must be used. Unless the gender is obviously specified (i.e. godmother, huntsman) you may choose whatever gender you like. You're also welcome to assign your characters middle and last names too, if you'd like, using any letter of the alphabet you want (just as long as each letter of the alphabet is represented by a first name).


    What would Oz, Narnia, or Neverland be without their great names? Before you can start exploring your fantasy world, you need to name it. Use this name generator to come up with the perfect name.

    Now that we have that sorted you can begin your adventure. Along the way you meet...

    1. A wealthy dwarf
    2. An honorable knight
    3. A mischievous pixie
    4. A rowdy ranger
    5. A lazy giant
    6. A handsome huntsman
    7. A majestic unicorn
    8. A greedy goblin
    9. A spirited jester
    10. A jovial genie
    11. A roguish pirate
    12. A headstrong centaur
    13. A destructive dragon
    14. A selfish sea witch
    15. A cheery fairy godmother
    16. A serene mermaid
    17. A charming prince
    18. A wicked witch
    19. A reckless wizard
    20. An evil queen
    21. A beautiful princess
    22. A proud hippogryph
    23. An excitable gnome
    24. A clever sorceress
    25. A mysterious rogue
    26. A cheeky beggar
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    1. Xander Mallowburn, a wealthy dwarf
    2. Noble Lochburn, an honorable knight
    3. Oona Highwyn, a mischievous pixie
    4. Leland Brookmount, a rowdy ranger
    5. Thor Greyloche, a lazy giant
    6. Chantry Fayport, a handsome huntsman
    7. Sabine Erihaven, a majestic unicorn
    8. Zokai Fogdell, a greedy goblin
    9. Denali Stonesea, a spirited jester
    10. Yates Misthill, a jovial genie
    11. Peregrine Starryfield, a roguish pirate
    12. Koa Westerhaven, a headstrong centaur
    13. Quest Ironbay, a destructive dragon
    14. Undine Winterhurst, a selfish sea witch
    15. Gaia Springvale, a cheery fairy godmother
    16. Baleen Rosehedge, a serene mermaid
    17. Ronan Falconmill, a charming prince
    18. Isannah Dragonpond, a wicked witch
    19. Viggo Millhall, a reckless wizard
    20. Jadis Pryston, an evil queen
    21. Ferelith Vertmont, a beautiful princess
    22. Hollow Blackbeach, a proud hippogryph
    23. Magnus Goldbourne, an excitable gnome
    24. Evren Snowfair, a clever sorceress
    25. Aramis Courtland, a mysterious rogue
    26. Wise Riverhall, a cheeky beggar
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    I went with some pretty obvious ones for some of these.

    Fairy Tale Land of Wildemeadow

    Home to...

    Alaric the Altruistic {an honorable knight}
    Baize Owen {a cheeky beggar}
    Calix Jago {a roguish pirate}
    Delphine {a selfish sea witch}
    Everett Caspian {a charming prince}
    Feodora {a wicked witch}
    Gideon {a lazy giant}
    Hespero {a majestic unicorn}
    Imperatrix Reine {an evil queen}
    Jezebel Blythe {a spirited jester}
    Kazamir {a greedy goblin}
    Lula Berry {A mischevous pixie}
    Morisot the Magnanimous {a reckless wizard}
    Nazira the Dark {a destructive dragon}
    Oriana Celeste {a beautiful princess}
    Poppy {an excitable gnome}
    Quillon Kato {a mysterious rogue}
    Rosalind {a cheery fairy godmother}
    Sadiya {a jovial genie}
    Thorne Wilder {a rowdy ranger}
    Umber {a headstrong centaur}
    Viggo Hawke {a handsome huntsman}
    Waverly {a serene mermaid}
    Xaviera Esme {a clever sorceress}
    Yegor {a wealthy dwarf}
    Zora {a proud hippogryph}
    🙚 ᛫ Emm ᛫ 🙘
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    1. Romulus (m) - a wealthy dwarf who is surprisingly hospitable
    2. Primus (m) - an honorable knight who might be a little too altruistic
    3. Aithne (f) - a mischievous pixie who has fantastic connections
    4. Tanwyn (m) - a rowdy ranger who does not take his job seriously
    5. Zephyr (m) - a lazy giant who can be helpful when needed
    6. Boone (m) - a handsome huntsman who is in love with himself
    7. Semiramide (f) - a majestic unicorn who is cursed with loneliness
    8. Nero (m) - a greedy goblin who may have made one too many enemies
    9. Ferris (m) - a spirited jester who knowns all the kingdom's gossip
    10. Yue (f) - a jovial genie who only grants children's wishes
    11. Lir (m) - a roguish pirate who hides his scholarly past
    12. Xander (m) - a headstrong centaur who seems too stubborn for his own good
    13. Khione (f) - a destructive dragon who does not care for the value of life
    14. Odysseia (f) - a selfish sea witch who is after a love she cannot obtain
    15. Ione (f) - a cheery fairy godmother who cannot undo the magic she has cast
    16. Maris (f) - a serene mermaid who is blessed with the power to create
    17. Verner (m) - a charming prince who cannot say no to a challenge
    18. Quilla (f) - a wicked witch who is feared by the wrong people
    19. Hexum (m) - a reckless wizard who will do anything for attention
    20. Ursa (f) - an evil queen who sees the error in her ways but cannot change them
    21. Echo (f) - a beautiful princess who wants for the rest of the world to be as beautiful as her
    22. Jules (m) - a proud hippogryph who helps others love themselves
    23. Wren (f) - an excitable gnome who has no tact
    24. Celestine (f) - a clever sorceress who speaks in riddles
    25. Damaris (m) - a mysterious rogue who chatters a lot about everything except himself
    26. Gael (f) - a cheeky beggar who never seems to go hungry
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    Now that we have that sorted you can begin your adventure in Faywald. Along the way you meet...

    1. A wealthy dwarf named Auliffe
    2. An honorable knight named Brutus
    3. A mischievous pixie named Calytrix
    4. A rowdy ranger named Dolph
    5. A lazy giant named Petrovna
    6. A handsome huntsman named Eberhard
    7. A majestic unicorn named Quintessence
    8. A greedy goblin named Falk
    9. A spirited jester named Gunther
    10. A jovial genie named Lilah
    11. A roguish pirate named Hadriel
    12. A headstrong centaur Isack
    13. A destructive dragon named Jago
    14. A selfish sea witch named Katana
    15. A cheery fairy godmother named Nonoma
    16. A serene mermaid named Marina
    17. A charming prince named Orion
    18. A wicked witch named Raizel
    19. A reckless wizard named Sulien
    20. An evil queen named Theodosia
    21. A beautiful princess Umbria
    22. A proud hippogryph named Walfrido
    23. An excitable gnome named Valentyn
    24. A clever sorceress named Xenia
    25. A mysterious rogue named Zair
    26. A cheeky beggar named Yevgeni

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