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    Remarkably Random Chance Game!

    Pretty self explanatory. For each question, your answer will be either the gender, first name, or middle name of your “children.” The OR means that one is a girl name and one is a boy name. The GENDER question will determine that (even though I really don’t believe that names have genders)

    DW: (Your maternal grandmother’s initials)
    DH: (Initials are the first 2 letters of your first name)

    Child #1
    Gender: Do you sleep with the door open or closed?
    Open- Girl
    Closed- Boy
    FN: What time of day is it for you right now?
    Morning- Danielle (girl) or Matthew (boy)
    Afternoon- Isla (girl) or Jude (boy)
    Evening- Anthea (girl) or Logan (boy)
    MN: What color are your eyes?
    Brown- Asia or Beckett
    Blue- Willa or Hudson
    Hazel/Green- Delilah or Rowan
    Other- Violet or Gus

    Child #2
    Gender: Do you eat breakfast every morning?
    Yes - Boy
    No - Girl
    FN: How many kids do you want?
    1-2- Abigail or John
    3-4- Lucy or Lennon
    5 or more- Chelsea or Apollo
    None- Iris or Oliver
    MN: What kind of area do you live in?
    Urban- Arabella or Bellamy
    Rural- Naomi or Nathaniel
    Suburban- Everly or Jasper
    Other- Bethany or Declan

    Child #3
    Gender: Baths or showers?
    Baths- Boy
    Shower- Girl
    FN: How old are you?
    Under 18- Aspen or Dyson
    18-30- Clarissa or Mason
    31-40- Julia or Antony
    “Never ask a lady how old she is!”- Isabeau or Maxwell
    MN: What letter does your middle name start with?
    A-G- Alice or Gideon
    H-O- Margot or Oliver
    P-Z- Phoebe or Zachary
    No middle name- Avalon or Henry

    For example, here is my family:
    DW: Maya Lilian
    DH: Eli Matthias
    #1: Logan Rowan
    #2: Lucy Arabella
    #3: Aspen Margot

    This should be quick and fun!
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