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Thread: Mischa

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    My brother's name is Mitchell, and as a nickname I started to call him Misch (prn Meesh), which morphed into Mischa. He actually likes it, and I'm considering adding it to my boys' list- it would be a great way to honor him. (Mischa is a nickname of Mikhail; and Mitchell's a variation of Michael, and I think Mischa makes an unusual but plausible nickname for Mitchell.)
    But although it works fine as a pet name for my kid brother, could it actually work as a full name? On a boy? Or is it too feminine? Although it doesn't rank in the top 1000 for either gender, the similar sounding Sasha has been hanging around 200-300 for the last several years. Am I over thinking this, or would Mischa work better as a nickname?

    On a side note, I prefer the spelling Mischa over Misha- the latter looks more feminine IMO.
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    My nephew is called Misha his father is from russia. His name is actually Mikhail but is always called Misha I like your spelling better btw
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    Misha Collins!! Haha Well, if Sasha can stand on its own, why can't Misha? They're both, however, very Russian (aka unfamiliar) and may not go over as well in the States as givens. It may be best to use it as a nn or a middle. I, too, prefer the spelling Mischa.
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    Mischa works better as a nickname, especially in the States. If he decides Mischa is too feminine for him in school and happened to get teased for it, he'd have his given name (perhaps Michael or Mikhail) to fall back on. Prefer Mischa to Misha.
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    I think Mischa would only work as a plausible nickname.

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