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    Jan 2013

    35 weeks! Help us choose a name!

    Last name is 4 letters, short and starts with C.

    Middle name will be Suzanne - a family name.

    Options are:
    Ava (though I worry this is too popular)

    What would you pick?

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    May 2012
    I love Ada and Charlotte!
    I'd prefer Flora to Florence, myself.

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    Ada gets my vote! It's quirky, underused and vintage, I love it. But it's still very straightforward and easy to spell and pronounce. Charlotte is just so overdone at the moment and Ava is lovely, but definitely popular. Florence is my second pick, but I don;t love how it flows with Suzanne.

    Ada Suzanne would be so darling to see!

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    Jan 2013
    And, if it helps, here are our criteria:
    -classic but not boring
    -vintage appeal
    -name to carry her into adulthood but cute for a baby
    -somewhat indie
    -not too contrived (I worry that Florence is trying a bit hard)

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    I also love Ada. It's classic and not trendy or overly used like Ava has become and goes great with your middle name choice.

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