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Thread: Patrick Jack?

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    I do like Patrick Ian, but as I told another it's literally my future brother-in-laws name swapped. I love him, but not that much, haha. John isn't an option for me really

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    I don't like the similar endings. I think Thomas Jack or Jack Thomas would be lovely!

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    Patrick Jack is a little too much 'k' for me. And I love both names - my son's mn is Patrick. How about:

    Patrick James
    Patrick Jacob
    Patrick Ryan
    Patrick Scott
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    I'm not a fan of the -ck -ck. It is noticeable... like clicking. Jack is the nn for John or Jonathan... So why not Patrick John or Patrick Jonathan?
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    I like both names, but together I feel like there's too much repetition of the same 'a' and 'k' sounds to flow well. What if you lengthened it to Jacob Patrick and then just called him Jack for short?

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