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    Quote Originally Posted by misshoppy View Post
    I love Adelaide! Vivienne is so pretty too. I am running into a bunch of Vivians and Evelyns, though...

    When I was in high school, Evelyn seemed pretty obscure and underused but somehow it has jumped into the top 25, it's really odd. I work with kids and I have yet to come across either one, but I live in a heavily Hispanic area, so I don't think the popularity lists have had as huge of an effect on my tiny area as it has other places - but popularity DOES matter to me, we don't plan to stay here. I know more male Alexis's than I do Evelyn's, to give you an idea of my area, I think that it makes me less aware of whats popular.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyingcube View Post
    Cordelia is one of our top contenders, it just hasn't been feeling "right" lately, I dunno, maybe I'm just falling out of love with it, I kind of feel bad. Valentina and Wilhelmina are ones I need to write down, though. Josephine / Josephina would be on my list, but it's my step-daughters middle name.

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    Arabella - my name crush of the moment

    Oh my there is so many and I've probably repeated.
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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