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    Looking for girls names you would consider classicly feminine without being overused?

    *I would also like to honor my mother Annabelle and use her name as a middle name, so it's important that it flows well. I know I'm picky, I just want to make sure I end up picking the perfect name The problem with me is I'm very indecisive. I'll start to like a name but obsess over it to the point where I begin to hate it and repeat the process all over again with a different name lol. Anyway, here is a list of names I currently like [and why I like them] just so you can get a general idea of what my style is..Please comment on each name/Tell me what you like or dislike about it/Rate from most favorite to least favorite..THANKS!!

    Hazel-To me, this name epitomizes what I'm looking for. It's classy and feminine with a vintage-y feel to it and not very common at all, at least not where I'm from [live in South Florida]. I like the nickname Hazey too. Do you think Annabelle works well as a middle name? Does it sound too old timey?

    Lila-Pronounced LY-LAH. I've always loved this name. It's very feminine and classic. My only concern with using this name is pronounciation. I don't want people calling her LEE-LA or LiLL-AH. People have told me to alter the spelling to Lyla so it would be easier for people to pronounce, but I personally think it takes away from the beauty of the name and I just hate made up spellings. I prefer the original. Also DH isn't really a fan of this name but this doesn't concern me as much because I can always twist his arm I personally think Annabelle flows beautifully with Lila. What do ya'll think?

    Katarina-Pronounced KAT-AH-REE-NAH. Ok this one is DH's pick. At first I didn't care for it but it has grown on me the more and more I say it out loud. I think my main problem with the name is the harsh K sound. Anyway, he likes the middle name Skye. WDYT?? Katarina Skye..kinda has a nice ring to it doesn't it??..

    Maya/Maia-Pronounced MY-UH. This is probably my favorite from my list. I think it's a classy feminine name with a bit of an exotic flair. The only concern with this name is again pronounciation. For whatever reason, a lot of people look at Maya and are compelled to pronounce it MAY-AH which is not the way I'd like it pronounced. I despise the spelling Mya. It just looks choppy and unfinished. So, we are left with Maia which is the Greek spelling. I like the way this spelling looks the best. WDYT?? Do you like the way Annabelle flows with Maia? The double A sounds kind of bothers me. Feel free to include some other mn suggestions..

    Serena-I love this name for it's simplicity, beauty and uniqueness. It makes me think of mermaids I don't think Annabelle would pair well though so if I end up choosing this name, I might have to honor my mother in another way.

    Sorry for the super long post. I hope ya'll take the time to read this and give me as detailed of an answer as possible. Please feel free to include your favorite girls names. I appreciate your time and comments. Thank you!!
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    Annabel/Annabelle is one of my top favorite names. If my mom were named Annabel, I'd use it as a first in a heartbeat. I love it. That said, the first name that popped into my head when you described the kind of name you want was Alice, and I think Alice Annabel(le) sounds perfect!! But that was before I realized you wanted comments on an existing list, so here those are:

    Hazel: This one is a little too vintage-y for me, feels more trendy than classic, and I do think the dual "el" sound endings makes it slightly awkward.
    Lila: I also have always loved this name. I never thought of it as a classic, but I guess you're right (which makes me like it even more). And Lila Annabelle really sounds lovely. Also, don't change the spelling. I know those other spellings are valid, but people either know how to pronounce it or they don't, and you shouldn't change the spelling of a beautiful name to suit the lowest common denominator or name-pronouncers.
    Katarina: Feels too ethnic for someone to use who has no connection to Eastern Europe/Russia. A friend of mine used it (and does have a connection) and she still gets strange comments and looks. Beautiful name, though. Not a fan of Skye though.
    Maya/Maia: Also a beautiful name. Same story on the spelling -- use the spelling you love; people will figure it out. For some reason the "a" ending bothers me a bit with Annabelle, but it didn't with Lila ... not sure why.
    Serena: Also love. Gorgeous. And I actually think Serena Annabelle flows nicely. Again, can't say why the "a" ending doesn't bother me with this one.

    From your list, I like Lila the best by far, followed by Maya and Serena. But my favorite is Alice. Something about Alice Annabelle just really gets me. Must be the alliteration. Good luck!

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    1. Lila
    2. Maya
    3. Hazel
    4. Katarina
    5. Serena

    I am partial to Lila, it is my own name and I don't think my parents could have done any better! I love it for it's simplicity and charm, it's very classicly feminine in my opinion and I hardly ever meet other Lila's.
    I have got nothing but positive feedback on my name. And almost everyone I meet says it right. Don't spell it differently it takes away from all of it beauty! I also think Lila is perfect with Annabelle.
    My mum chose it for the same reasons I've noted above and because she read a diary entry of one of my great grandfathers and the girl he was in love with during the 1st World War was a beautiful blonde nurse named Lila, they didn't end up together but mum thought it was a wonderful story!

    The other names that are on your list are all lovely to, except maybe Serena. I personally don't like because there was a horrible girl named Serena at my school, but alone on it's own it's not that bad!

    Other suggestions I have:
    Penelope- The nicknames all work for you criteria as well!

    I don't really know about my suggestions, I'm not great at giving them! But I really like Eliza!
    I hope you finally decide on something, don't just settle, find the name!

    Mama to Bugsy William, Jem Richmond and Tallulah Dorothy.

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    What a wonderful story behind your name Lila and thank you so much for your comments and for sharing

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    You have great taste, and I love Annabelle!
    I agree that names ending in a sound awkward with Annabelle, however.
    Hazel is very lovely, and I also like Maya and Lila.

    Have you thought of something like Johanna Belle, Marianna Belle, Susannah Belle, or Rosanna Belle? I don't know if that's too cheesy!

    I would also suggest:

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