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    Quote Originally Posted by dali137 View Post
    crunchymama - funny... my name is Casey! Ha. And our boy name was suggested too! Ellis.

    Found out we are expecting a boy and a girl! So only 1 girl name needed. Phew...

    Ellis Asher Ar...
    Reverie Lenore Ar...

    Ellis Bran Ar...
    Rowan Ainsley Ar...

    Banyan Ellis Ar...
    Laurel Rue Ar... <though I don't want her name shortened to or misheard as 'Laura' or 'Laurie'>

    Ellis Holden Ar...
    Rowan Grey Ar...

    Only 19wks so we have time
    Yay!! Congrats on a boy and a girl! That sure makes picking names a bit easier.

    Rowan Ainsley and Ellis Holden are my faves from your list!
    ~Mommy to a sweet boy named Connor, an angel baby named Sean who passed away unexpectedly in March 2012, and twin girls Ruby and Felicity

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    Reverie is gorgeous
    Teenberry, name loving girl.

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    Confirmed our girlie yesterday at 20wk anatomy scan... so Gotta get on picking a name and an alternate for both our little man and little lady.
    Reverie Rowan Ar...
    Reverie Rue Ar...
    Ellis Asher Ar...
    Ellis Bran Ar...
    Last time we have alternate first names... this time I think those might stick. IDK.
    Twin boys March 2012. Lost Emmitt to SIDs 8/12. Sully is my light.
    Spontaneous twins again Fall 2013! Boy/Girl this time!
    Thinking: Ellis Ames & Reverie Rue OR Eamon Bran & Rowan Rue.

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    I really like Ellis Holden and Rowan Grey but I feel that people might think that Rowan Grey is a boy because both names can be masculine, same with Rowan Ainsley. So I think Rowan need a good girly name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dali137 View Post
    Hello all! I am 16wks with my second set of twins (I had boys last March. One of our son's died of SIDs at 5mos though)... and we are in need of some girl names.

    Our boys were Sullivan Archer and Emmitt Erving. We like classic/old first names and more modern middle names it seems. Our alternates for them included Sawyer and Emerson.

    Girls names we are liking...

    Middle names:

    I prefer less girly names, even unisex or more masculine... girly middle names are ok though in some cases.

    I also LOVE Arya (big GOT fan) but our last name is a very German Ar... name.

    I'd love some suggestions! My hunch is b/g twins this time... We're making a long list so if you have a perfect boy name I'd love to hear it too, but we are mainly looking to flesh out our girl names.

    Thanks in advance!
    Firstly I'm sorry for you loss and congratulations on the twins.

    Okay Sullivan Archer and Emmit Erving are very traditional masculine choices and I think for a girl if you go with another masculine choice it could be a masculinity over-load and be gender confusing. From the names you have mentioned I like Rowan yet this could lead to gender confusion and with people mistaking Rowan to be a boy. I also love Laurel I think she's really timely and vintage. I think Laurel works brilliantly with the boy names as well, their all vintage spunky names. I also think Arya is lovely but prefer Aria. Reverie isn't my thing though. I think you can go for feminine names that feel more masculine and that would work wonders for you.


    I also like the middle names I think Rue and Grey are great choices for middle names.

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