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    BFP after ttc for 2yrs! So happy!! Now can't get my mind off finding the perfect name

    I am soooo happy right now!!! Just got a positive pregnancy test yesterday! Still having a hard time believing our dream is finally coming true!! I've always been a name nerd, but now I have a great excuse to be on nameberry constantly!
    I'd love to hear what you all think of the names we're considering if it's a girl. Would also welcome any suggestions of names you think we might like. The middle name will be a family name, no matter what we end up using for the first name.

    Coralie ~ nn ideas: Cora, Coral, Cori
    Emmeline/Emmaline ~ nn ideas: Em, Emma
    Ellen (family name) nn ideas: Nell, Ellie, Elle, Lenny
    Lottie (would give the name Charlotte, but mostly use Lottie, which is a family name)
    Laurel ~ no great nn's :/
    Elaine ~ nn Lainy
    Arielle ~ nn ideas Ari, Elle

    Thanks in advance!!

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    I like the name Ellen best of your choices. I find it underused and a fresh alternative to the Ella/Elly trend. NTM the nickname Nell is a favorite of mine

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    I love Coralie nn Cori
    Emmeline nn Emma

    What family middle were you egoing to use? I think Coralie Ellen is a pretty combo! You might also like
    Anais, Anoushka (anouk), Lucia, Lucille, Eloise...

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    I'm hesitant to mention the middle name we're using just yet, because I want opinions on the first names individually, not on which one has the bet flow. Know what I mean? I'm not overly worried about flow between first and middle (although I think they all work fine with our middle) since usually we would just be using first and last name.
    Thanks for the advice so far! It's fun to be able to bounce ideas off of you all since we will probably keep the name a secret!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I love most of your options!

    Emmeline, Arielle, Coralie, and Charlotte (Charlotte!) are my favorites. I love them all pretty much equally--with the exception of Charlotte, they all usually hover just outside my short list, but still huge favorites. As Charlotte's on my short list, though, I'll always have a soft spot for her. I don't think you could really go wrong with any of them though.

    As far as Laurel goes... I love the French Laure, which is fairly unexpected and really cool, imo. I also love the spunky Lola. And Elle/Ella/Ellie is also a possibility.
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