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  • Archer Elliot or Everett (Archie or Ari)

    27 36.00%
  • Arthur Elliot or Everett (Ari perhaps)

    32 42.67%
  • Arlo Everett

    21 28.00%
  • Beau Everett

    14 18.67%
  • Charles Everett or Elliot (Charlie)

    30 40.00%
  • Gavin Elliot

    14 18.67%
  • Jude Everett

    32 42.67%
  • River Elliot

    16 21.33%
  • Samuel Ezra

    24 32.00%
  • Smith Everett

    8 10.67%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Please vote on these choices!

    Trying to shorten our boys list a bit... which do you like and why? Feedback appreciated!

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    I voted for these combos on your poll.

    Jude Everett - Jude is Biblical so it has history and it also sounds like so cool with Everett!
    Arthur Elliot - Two classic and timeless names.
    Charles Everett - A traditional name with a surname makes a great pair!
    Arlo Everett - A softer boys choice but I like the sound and look of this duo together.
    Samuel Ezra - I like both names even if they're heavy on the Bible connection.

    Beau Everett is ok if you like a western vibe.

    I didn't choose Gavin, River or Archer because they're trendy.
    I didn't choose Smith because it's the most common English surname around and therefore very bland.
    All the best,

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    I love so many of these! Samuel Ezra, Jude Everett (probably my favorite combo, although I like other FNs much more), Charles Everett/Elliot "Charlie", Beau Everett... I really love Gavin, too, but I'm not loving Gavin Elliot as much as some of your other combos.

    I want to like Smith Everett, but I just can't seem to get behind it. I love the idea of Smith, but as a name, I just can't imagine it actually being used.

    I voted for Beau Everett and Jude Everett, though, as I just like them best as combos. I would love to see Everett up front, though--I think Everett Jude, Everett Beau, and Everett Samuel would all be delightful.

    ETA: Okay, Samuel Ezra, too... I just couldn't not vote for it, in the end.
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    Archer Everett (Archie or Ari) - Very cool name, Love the nickname Ari
    Arthur Elliot (Ari perhaps) - Classic/classy name - A name that grows up well (Everet or Elliott)
    Arlo Everett - Everett strengthens Arlo and gives it a nice grounding.
    Beau Elliott - I love the name Beau but not with Everett, nicer with Elliott IMO
    Charles Elliot (Charlie) - See Arthur

    Archer, Arlo and Beau are the epitome of "Cool Boys Names" to me, with Arlo and Beau very close followed by Archer. Very torn between Arlo and Charles as a favorite.

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    At one point I thought of using Charles/Charlie with nn Arlo. Now that that I think of it, if I went with Charles I could potentially use Arlo or Ari or Charlie since they all share sounds...? I do think Beau Everett is handsome though maybe a bit cowboyish with siblings Ed!e / Ed en and !saac...?

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