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    What do you think of these names for a girl....

    Adeliah/Adelia (pronounced Ad e lie a) Really like this name means noble and Serene
    Lydia(want to stick this in name somewhere) its a family name that we can not call her by because we have an Olivia
    Nevania... Irish name means pure one
    Aislynn....Irish name that means dream or vision

    We had Lydia Cathereine Odele (pronounced Odell) picked out initially and we planned to call her Adelia.
    Odelle means song

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    Adelia - I really like this choice. I think Adelia sounds really spunky and bright. I think Adelia sounds gorgeous Olivia. I like the attitude that the two names have together. They sound so cool and vibrant.

    Lydia - A name that's growing on me so much, I honestly think Lydia is very sweet despite dodgy NHS advertising surrounding the name. Still Lydia doesn't go with Olivia. Far too similar.

    Nevania - Love Irish names, she's intriguing but doesn't work with Olivia.

    Aislynn - Prefer Aisling spelling wise she has the same pro. as Aislynn but is the original spelling and isn't anglicised like Aislynn which looks strange

    I like Lydia Catherine Odele doesn't work because of Olivia. The combination is beautiful. But Lydia and Olivia don't work as siblings. Adelia does I do like Adelia Catherine Odele.

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    I adore Lydia. I also like Adelia, but prn A deal ya.

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    Adelia - I first saw this name in a book and thought it was absolutely beautiful, pretty and sassy at the same time
    Lydia - I have only ever met a handful of Lydia's so it is familiar and classic without being overly popular
    Nevania - Hmmm... this one is okay, but not as great as the rest of your choices
    Aislynn - Beautiful

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    I like Adelia or Lydia

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