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    Daphne: Cute, unusual, and fresh.
    Leona: Eh. Lacks substance imo.
    Cosima: Unique and rhythmic, with cute nn Cozi.
    Isadora: very pretty, but NMS
    Phina (josephina etc): I prefer Josephine or Josephina. Phina sound in complete to me.
    Danae: What?
    Petra: kind of cute in a strange way... maybe a little harsh sounding
    Helena: very classic and pretty. I like this better than Helen.
    Flora: gorgeous and cute vintage nn Flo.
    Celia: simple and pretty - I like.
    Thea (Theodora/Dorothea): Prefer Dorothea or Dorothy. Thea shouldn't stand on its own imo.
    Rowena: I like Rowan better. Sounds like a witch name also.
    Claudia: I love Claudia!!! Nn are tricky, but it's just so...pretty and sophisticated.
    Lucia (loo-see-a): LOVE Lucia. Nn Lucy is to die for, I've also considered Lux as a nn, and Chia. (b/c it can also be pronounced Loo-chee-uh)
    Elise: prefer in the middle spot, but it's fine. Elysia is my choice for a similar first name.
    Corinna: very pretty!
    Serena: perhaps a little overused. But there's certainly nothing wrong with it.
    Noella: I don't think the last syllable is necessary. Noel is fine the way it is.
    Luella: Cute! And uncommon.
    Cecile: Isn't this a boy's name? (To Kill a Mockingbird, Cecil Jacobs)
    Odelia: I prefer just Delia, but this is nice too.
    Ernessa: All I can think is the awful nn Ernie. No thanks.
    Alina (a-leena): pretty standard. Nothing spectacular imo.
    Laetitia(la-tish-a): Looks like it should be Letitia. Sounds tacky, to be honest.
    Felicia: beautiful!! And just the right amount of obscurity.
    Dana: Simple and standard. Once again, nothing wrong.
    Angelica: reminds me of Rugrats character, a little brat with a misnomer. But I suppose it's okay. Prefer Angelina though.
    Amalia: Cute! Reminds me of Obama's daughter, Malia.
    Alicia(uh-liss-ee-a)/Alessia: I like this, but I would go with second spelling or all you'll get is A-leesh-uh
    Cléa: What is the point of the accent? If it's just pronounced Clee-uh then ditch the accent. Do you know how hard it would be to insert an accented e every time you spell your name? Just a thought.

    You have some great names here! And a long one too!

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    Daphne: Love! One of my favorite names, along with a lot of these!
    Leona: great name that's not to common but sounds "classic" to me.
    Cosima: same as Daphne.
    Isadora: I like it, but not as much as Cosima and some of your other names.
    Danae: cute and pretty, but people will be confused on pronunciation.
    Petra: this name is growing one. It sounds strong but feminine.
    Helena: classic and pretty.
    Flora: pretty name.
    Celia: OK, but I like Flora and Thea more.
    Thea: cute and simple.
    Rowena: same as Isadora.
    Claudia: same as Daphne.
    Lucia: same as Daphne.
    Elise: classic, straightforward and pretty
    Corinna: prefer Corinne
    Serena: I always want to love this name, but it feels a little trendy to me for some reason.
    Noella: prefer Noelle
    Luella: never thought of it, but it's cute!
    Cecile: prefer Cecily
    Odelia: prefer Delia
    Alina: same as Isadora.
    Laetitia: pretty, but will have pronunciation issues.
    Felicia: same as Isadora
    Dana: I only think of Dana Scully from x-files, and Dana Carvey
    Angelica: I'd love to meet an Angelica
    Amalia: very pretty sounding name.
    Alicia: I think a lot of people will say a-Leesh-a instead.

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