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    Cosima-so unique and rare, great name
    Phina (josephina etc)-ok as nm, don't use alone. Could also be for Seraphina
    Danae- sounds bland and made up
    Petra- probably my fave feminization out there
    Helena- one of my fave names ever
    Flora- love this
    Thea (Theodora/Dorothea)-prefer Theodora
    Rowena- I like it but Rowen is better
    Claudia-sounds nerdy and too olds
    Lucia (loo-see-a)- I like Lu-sha better
    Elise- ok but not great
    Corinna - same
    Noella -too princessy
    Luella -same
    Cecile -Love love love!
    Odelia- just Delia is better
    Ernessa- too weird (and Ernie as a nm?)
    Alina (a-leena)- see Elise
    Laetitia(la-tish-a)-gross noo I hate this name
    Felicia- Felicity is a gorgeous name but this reminds me o fLaetitia
    Dana-70s, boring
    Angelica- gelly
    Amalia-so pretty and unusual
    Alicia(uh-liss-ee-a)/Alessia-hate these both
    Cléa-it's fine

    Favorites: Amalia, Celia, Petra, Flora, Helena, Cecile

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