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    Could you please critique these names

    Excludes my top 7 girls and top 7 boys names.

    girls reserve list - Lucia(loo-see-a) - Orla -Kitty (katherine) - Iris - Celia - Ilona(ee-low-na)

    boys RL - Caspar - Tristan - Rowan - Charles (not charlie)

    Note: Official names in brackets and they are just that 'official'.

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    Daphne - I love Daphne, it's so warm and sweet and fun! Plus it's a nymph and one of the most hilarious sit-com characters ever.
    Leona - Beautiful, the name of one of my favourite musicians (Naess, not Lewis).
    Cosima - Another love. So cute and lively.
    Isadora - I think of the movie, which is lovely, and a little Norwegian princess named Leah Isadora. It's beautiful.
    Phina (josephina etc) - Cute nickname for Josefina or Josephina.
    Danae - Love this. There are so many great paintings of Danae (Klimt, Titian, Comerre and Waterhouse being my favourites) and the myth is weird and quite cool.
    Petra - I think this is very cute. The city is lovely too.
    Helena Classic, beautiful, and there's the ever fascinating Bonham-Carter to quirk it up!
    Flora - I know it sounds pretty, but I can't quite like it. I prefer Florence, Fiona, Finola and all those.
    Celia - Very sweet and pink (if that makes sense!).
    Thea (Theodora/Dorothea) - I like Thea on it's own actually. Dorothea would be my favourite of those two long versions.
    Rowena - Very pretty. The Rowena in the legends is a little questionable, but very beautiful.
    Claudia - I can never quite make up my mind about this. I like it one day, and the next I don't.
    Lucia (loo-see-a) - I love Lucia so so much! It's warm and makes me think of baking, saffron, candles and glitter.
    Elise - Beautiful and simple. And there's the Beethoven piece.
    Corinna - Lovely. An ancient poet, which is cool.
    Serena - Like this very much, I have two friends with baby Serena's!
    Noella - I prefer Noelle or Noelia.
    Luella - So sweet and pretty. And so English.
    Cecile - I prefer Cecily, or Cicely. But it is sweet.
    Odelia - Pretty, I like it.
    Ernessa - Sounds like a smush of Ernest and Nessa.
    Alina (a-leena) - I prefer Alena, and that is beautiful.
    Laetitia(la-tish-a) - Lovely, means happiness, and who can resist that. I like the Italian version more, but I'm a sucker for all things italian...
    Felicia - I like Felicity more, but it's still a good name. Or Felicienne!!
    Dana - Makes me think of Desperate Housewives.
    Angelica - Ooh, love this! Beautiful, sweet and fun!
    Amalia - I like this, but I think Amelia and Amelie are even prettier.
    Alicia(uh-liss-ee-a)/Alessia - Alessia is beautiful.
    Cléa - I like Clio (muse of history) and Cleo more.
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    I like these names:

    I dislike:

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    These are on my list--I love them!:
    Helena - absolutely adore. I love how dark yet romantic this name feels.
    Alicia - I don't like the pronunciation "uh-leesh-uh" which is what this spelling will get you. However, I love the pronunciation "uh-lees-si-uh" and to get that the name should be spelt Elysia. It looks fresher and more whimsical than Alicia, anyhow. The meaning is gorgeous as well. (it means blissful beauty; Elysium)
    Thea - It's nice as a nn, but it stands well on its own.
    Lucia - my favourite Luc name.

    Cosima - It's kinda cool
    Amalia - I prefer Amelia
    Leona - Cute! I prefer Leonie, though.
    Elise - I love the sound of this name
    Odelia - It's not bad, but Ophelia would be a much lovelier option.

    Ehhh, It's Alright:
    Serena - I prefer Selena
    Angelica - Angel names are almost always used ironically... ie: Angelique of Dark Shadows and Angelica of Rugrats
    Daphne - I want to like this name, but I don't.

    Not a fan:
    Luella - Feels like it'd be some sort of sleeping medicine.
    Alina - It reads as "a-lin-uh"--not aesthetically pleasing. Alena, on the over hand, is nice.
    Laetitia - It looks and feels heavy
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    Daphne Love it! It is on the rise. I could see it getting quite popular, but not within the next two years.
    Leona Love it! I think it's distinctive. Very nice.
    Cosima It's ok. Very European. Not sure how it would sound in say the south.
    Isadora Love it! Seems to be the alternative to top ten Isabella.
    Phina (josephina etc)I am not sure what over name besides Josephina goes with this one. I would call her Jo. Phina sounds unusual in America.
    Danae I like this one. Mythology is interesting.
    Petra very European. I believe a supermodel name. It's nice and distinctive.
    Helena Pronunciation varries with this name. I think the key is to determine how you want it pronounced early on.
    Flora Love it! Very fresh!
    Celia Love it! I prefer it to Cecilia. Not everyone does.
    Thea (Theodora/Dorothea)Trendy in a nameberry way. Not sure I like it. The character on Arrow is winning me around.
    Rowena not everyone likes the wee sound in the this name. It's ok.
    Claudia Not my favorite. Makes me think of the Baby sitter's club.
    Lucia (loo-see-a) On my favorites list! Enough said!
    Elise I can't tell if its dated or it's coming back. I prefer Elyse.
    Corinna Lovely, and again European. I think your style is European and Contemporary.
    Serena Love, and again on my favorites.
    Noella Intresting. I have know women named Noelle, but this is a nice twist.
    Luella No too old and too many nicer names on the list.
    Cecile Many Americans may butcher the pronounciation of this name.
    Odelia Very unusual, much more rare than some of these names.
    Ernessa Sounds made up, although probably isn't. Ernest makes me of that guy Ernest who was in a bunch of movies including Ernest saves Christmas, not my favorite.
    Alina (a-leena) I know someone who knows someone named Alina. Very European. Depending on where you pronouciation could be an issue but not where Spanish is spoken.
    Laetitia(la-tish-a) I don't know, pronounciation is tricky. I don't like this.
    Felicia Pretty, with Felicity a nameberry darling. Felicia, the international version, should be on the rise.
    Dana Seems a little dated but stil usable.
    Angelica Long for my taste; what would you use for a nicname.
    Amalia Amelia is top 100 and my taste.This one seems like Amelia with an a. You can and have done better.
    Alicia(uh-liss-ee-a)/Alessia I call that name Alicia (uh-Lee-sha. I would have to get to another pronounciation. neither of these are my favorite.
    Cléa Accent marks are tricky. How do you type on a computer? As an American, I would avoid using an accent mark.
    Petra another repeat,
    so I would say top names
    1. Petra You liked this name so much you put it twice.
    2. Leona
    3. Flora
    4. Serena
    5. Lucia
    6. Danae
    7. Noella
    8. Isadora
    good luck!

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