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    Seriously doubting our pick...

    So, Emilia Winslet was all but locked in for a little girl, but I am now seriously doubting the name. It just doesn't feel like us.

    The thing is I've always wanted a daughter named Margot, I like it and it honours my beautiful godmother who is Margaret. However, when I was pregnant with Bugsy a friend told me I'd be stupid to name a little girl that and that it was a horrible old woman's name. That put me off completely, I'm not usually one who cares what people think but her reaction was so strong it really made me reconsider. Lately though, I've been thinking a lot about Margot, I've come to the conclusion in my mind that it matches with Bugsy in a funny sort of way.

    My husband still has his heart set on Milly as a nickname, so I was thinking something like Margot Imogen, Imogen was on my list for firsts, so it's not just a filler I genuinely like it! I don't know...too much of a stretch?

    Anyway I guess I'd like to know which you prefer, Margot or Emilia... I think Emilia is safer but do I really want safe next to Bugsy? I guess I'm just a little bit lost on the whole thing! I'd love some honest feed back on Margot!

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    Well, as a first commenter to your post AND as a Margo myself, I have to say I don't think that's a stupid name (and think it's sad that your friend told you that. )

    Anyway.....imo...I think Margot would fit in with your other child's name, as the names are both more on the 'uncommon' side vs. 'safe' side, as you put it.

    Thus, I think Margot (even with my partial bias for the name..;D) is a great choice!

    How about, Margot Emilia ?

    Best wishes!

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    I think you reacted that way to your friend not because you're insecure, but because your instinct is to protect your child. There's nothing wrong with the name Margot. You're in love with it, you're in love with your daughter, so you want to put the two together. I think that's great. Good luck with the decision.

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    My best advice is trust your gut! Seems silly but if Emilia doesn't feel right then gosh, change it now! She is not even here yet. Personally, I love the nn Millie. Soooo sweet. But if you don't love it, then try and convince your husband of Margot. Or you may regret it!!
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    I adore Margot, I think it is fabulous. It has always gotten great feedback for me in real life, so I would disregard that one negative comment. I do think Margot Imogen nn Milly is a bit of a stretch (I still don't see how you get Millie/Milly out of it), but you could still use it (I don't think there has to be "rules" for nicknames, personally). But Margot Emilia nn Milly/Millie is a great suggestion, and much more intuitive for Milly! In addition, Margot Emilia is so beautiful!!

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