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    This Is a Tough Puzzle... Need Well Seasoned Berries!

    My husband and I have a GREAT girls list. I mean, we absolutely love the names. I think they equally represent the taste of both my husband and I-

    Cora Annaliese
    Ivy Louisa
    Lily Sophia

    Boys names... not so much. My husband likes the first names much more than I do, and so I have had main control over middle names. But while the girls names we just adore, the boys names seem lacking. Here is what we have-

    Merrick Liam
    Callen Thomas
    Konrad Isaac (I really dislike Konrad, and love Isaac, and my husband is the opposite!)
    Forrest Cruz (We just came up with this last night. I like both Forrest and Cruz, my husband likes Cruz but just as a middle name.I don't think Forrest Cruz flows well though.)

    Some other names we like-
    Fisher (adventerous and cute or a dogs name? hmmm...)
    Taj (husband loves, i am on the fence.)
    Cyrus (cute, but definitley doesnt work with our last name)

    To describe my taste- I like familiar names with a layed back/surfer feel. I love Noah and Levi, but my husband does not like biblical names at all. I like a strong name that can be versatile. I don't like Taj because it seems incomplete. The names I picked from our list- Kier(I liked kieran but husband only likes the short fortm), oakley, luca, liam, callen, Isaac, forrest, and cruz.
    My husbands taste- he likes familiar names that he doesn't hear very much. Like Cyrus, Ignatius, Merrick, Taj and Koonrad were all his picks.

    So I guess we are looking for suggestions that will meet that happy middle ground of familiar, yet unusual, strong, but layed back names. Hard fit, I know! Thanks for the help though!

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