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    This Is a Tough Puzzle... Need Well Seasoned Berries!

    My husband and I have a GREAT girls list. I mean, we absolutely love the names. I think they equally represent the taste of both my husband and I-

    Cora Annaliese
    Ivy Louisa
    Lily Sophia

    Boys names... not so much. My husband likes the first names much more than I do, and so I have had main control over middle names. But while the girls names we just adore, the boys names seem lacking. Here is what we have-

    Merrick Liam
    Callen Thomas
    Konrad Isaac (I really dislike Konrad, and love Isaac, and my husband is the opposite!)
    Forrest Cruz (We just came up with this last night. I like both Forrest and Cruz, my husband likes Cruz but just as a middle name.I don't think Forrest Cruz flows well though.)

    Some other names we like-
    Fisher (adventerous and cute or a dogs name? hmmm...)
    Taj (husband loves, i am on the fence.)
    Cyrus (cute, but definitley doesnt work with our last name)

    To describe my taste- I like familiar names with a layed back/surfer feel. I love Noah and Levi, but my husband does not like biblical names at all. I like a strong name that can be versatile. I don't like Taj because it seems incomplete. The names I picked from our list- Kier(I liked kieran but husband only likes the short fortm), oakley, luca, liam, callen, Isaac, forrest, and cruz.
    My husbands taste- he likes familiar names that he doesn't hear very much. Like Cyrus, Ignatius, Merrick, Taj and Koonrad were all his picks.

    So I guess we are looking for suggestions that will meet that happy middle ground of familiar, yet unusual, strong, but layed back names. Hard fit, I know! Thanks for the help though!

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    Hmm, I would steer clear of putting names on the list if one of you really dislikes them (i.e. Konrad and Isaac). My favorites from your list would be Merrick, Callan (I prefer this spelling, but whatevs), Oakley, and Fisher; I think those fit both of your criteria (and none sound doggish!).

    My first suggestion, before I rattle off some names I thought of, would be to make the boy's initials T.J. and call him Taj. Then you get a more complete version, and both of you can enjoy the nickname. Or he could call the baby Taj and you could call him something else. Some ideas (mix and match the firsts and middles, of course!):

    Talon Joseph (love)
    Tadeo Joss
    Tanner Jude
    Tarian James
    Tate Joaquin or Tatum Julian
    Tavis Jasper or Tavish Jackson

    And for other ideas, let's marry strong, laid-back, surfer names with familiar unusual ones (most of which have an edgy-but-vintage vibe), I'd make these suggestions:

    Asa (nn Ace)
    Banning or Channing
    Declan (Dex)
    Damian (Dane)
    Dashiell (Dash)
    Desmond (Dez)
    Dominic (Dom, Nic, Nico)
    Everett (Rev, Ever, Rhett)
    Foster (Fox)
    Griffin (Fin)
    Lawrence (Law, Ren, Enzo, Lorne)
    Leander (Lee, Anders)
    Marshall, Marsden, or Marston (Mars)
    McCoy, McKinley, or McAdam, etc. (Mack)
    Phineas (Fin)
    Raphael (Rafe)
    Sebastian (Baz, Bastian)
    Silas (does this not work with the last name, too?)
    Sullivan (Sully, Lee, Van)
    Theodore (Theo, Teo, Ted)
    all the other T names above

    I'm sure most of those will miss the mark, but maybe they'll get the gears turning!

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    deciding between Maxwell . Calvin . Finn

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    I love Callen Thomas! I also like Forrest and Kade.

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    Thanks so much for all the suggestions! I really like the TJ/ Taj suggestion. I like Talon Jameson, but would love some more TJ initial suggestions! I also like Asa, Teague, Declan, and Neil. What about oneil? Or Teague as the first name of a TJ combo? I really like Teague but seems a little incomplete. Any suggestions for something longer than Teague? I loooove the Mack names but husbands best friend growing up was a Mac.

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