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    Naming Rules for Cousins?

    I have a couple of questions. I am a singer and, therefore, tend to like names with musical associations. My number one girl's name for a while was Cadence, nn. Cady. However, my sister decided to name her oldest daughter Kaden, nn. Kady. Would it be a huge no-no to still consider Cadence for my future daughter given that my niece is such a close relation? (My niece is only 7 years old, so while I had given thought to viewing it as an honoring name, I do not think she's quite old enough yet. As my husband says, we still do not know how she's going to turn out as an adult...)

    Another name question -- my first cousin named her daughter Natalie...another name I have always loved and had on my list. I have never met her daughter, even though she's probably five years old now. Could I still consider this name or should I strike it from the list?

    I should mention, my mom is of the opinion that both names are still usable, but I tend to prefer names that are more unique (and if I know someone with the name, I will usually remove it from my list!). Opinions?
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    I think Cadence is too close for a first name if the kids will see each other frequently. If they won't, then I'd ask your sister and see how she feels about it.

    Personally, I'd be thinking about dropping it to the mn spot.

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    Yeah, too close. :P And even though you've never met Natalie, it'd still be kind of strange at family reunions to have two Natalies running around who are about the same age. Unless one goes by a nickname that the whole family is aware of and calls her.
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    If you are looking for something unique I'd drop Natalie right there, it's been in the top 100 since 1976 and steadily climbing ever since. Currently holding around#14. As for Kaden/Cadence. If you named her Cadence and consistently called her Cadence I don't see that there would be much of an issue, but calling her Cady when your sister has a Kady that you see frequently is too close for me.

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    Well if you want something unique, then, yeah I'd say you can't use them.

    For me personally, it's too close and I also would prefer that my child has a unique name. I also wouldn't want to appear as a copy cat...

    Also you may risk causing drama in the family. If my sister/cousin used a name I used, I would be ticked. The other problem with asking is that what would you do if they said no? Would you drop the name or risk the drama? To me it's just seems like a smarter/safer option to pick a different name.

    If you really love those names, then I'd use them in the middle spot, not up front.

    BUT this is just all my opinion.

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