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    I think Jameson Oliver b/c I like more classic choices. I love Oliver! But your other children have more unusual (and cool!) names, so Mattias is my second choice. None of the other suit my taste.

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    I love the idea of Ulysses Oliver! Ulysses has the same gravitas as Wolfgang and Persephone, and the nickname Uly/Uley is so cute and fits right in with Wolfie and Posey.

    I would also suggest
    Raphael Oliver (nn Rafe or Raffy or Ray)
    Mama of Henry Atlas & Margot Story

    Other name loves:

    Girls: Phoebe, Ramona, Holiday, Matilda, Susan, Helen
    Boys: Thomas, Ulysses, Odin, Oliver

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    I love Ander and Lysander!

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    Only just been able to get back on - wow, we're really spoilt for choice now! I love literally most of these - some are gems that I have completely forgotten about!

    I really love-
    Thaddeus (you're right Lucyyjames, this is awesome, I love it!)
    Ulysses (!!!! Love!)

    I do love nearly all of the names on your lists but those are my favourites. Will get hubby to read through the thread and see if any stand out to him! Thank you all so much!

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    Of your options I like Lysander and Peregrine. I also like the suggestions of Thaddeus and Mordecai.

    More suggestions:
    Benedict Oliver
    Augustin Oliver
    Lancelot Oliver
    Leopold Oliver
    Leonidas Oliver
    Cassius Oliver
    Maximilian Oliver
    Maxwell Oliver
    Marcellus Oliver
    Barnabas Oliver
    Demetrius Oliver
    Victoire Oliver
    Sirius Oliver
    Alistair Oliver
    Tiberius Oliver
    Caspian Oliver
    Andreas Oliver
    Tobias Oliver
    Zephyrus Oliver
    Percival Oliver nn: Percy
    Ambrose Oliver
    Octavius Oliver
    Theodoros Oliver
    Magnus Oliver
    Julius Oliver
    Atticus Oliver
    Aurelius Oliver
    Desmond Oliver
    Ignatius Oliver
    Hector Oliver
    Archibald Oliver nn: Archie
    Herbert Oliver nn: Bertie
    Rufus Oliver
    Bartholomew Oliver
    Laurence Oliver nn: Law
    Dominic Oliver
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