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    MAttias Oliver stands out to me and i think it is wonderful with your sibset
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    I like Lysander with your subset because you could nn. Him Leo for Lysander Oliver. I think that goes well with brother "Wolfie." otherwise I love Jamison and Zephaniah.

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    Peregrine Oliver - lovely and the nn Perry would be gorgeous
    Zephaniah Oliver- again, beautiful - nn Zeph very cool
    Jameson Oliver- I like this but I think it is a bit too bland next to your other children's names (but a great name in itself apart from being a whisky brand)
    Mattias Oliver- love Mattias , this is on my guilty pleasures list (not really SOs style)
    Lysander Oliver- One of my favourite ever names , again on my guilty pleasures list- this name makes be go all goosepimpley and has the very wearable nn Zander
    Anders Oliver- ok - again not as standout as your other two , but a nice name on its own

    My favourite would have to be Lysander Oliver (oooh very Shakespearian - maybe that's why I like it )
    second -Peregrine
    third - Zephaniah

    edited : Wow , and have just seen the suggestion of Ulysses - that is pretty awesome too!
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    You've been using this site for a while but your join date was yesterday? I smell a troll.

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    I'm not sure that's fair, I used the site for name ideas for a long time before I made a profile and posted anything.
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