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    I think you should go with it if you love it and just think "We love it so popularity shouldn't matter". I've only actually met 2 William's and one goes by Will/Liam and the other by Bill. I think it's handsome and regal and classic. It sounds lovely with Sofia.

    If you do decide to go for another, here's some names Will can be short for:

    Willam -- very close to William but a lot more distinct
    Wilny -- It's Native American and means "eagle singing while flying" I think it's cool
    Wilton -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I think William is such a classic it stands outside popularity charts. It's like asking if John is too popular? If it's the name you love, go for it. And really, however popular it is, there will still be fewer Wills in his first-grade class than in a couple generations ago.

    I agree: it's the perfect match for Sofia.

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    William is a classic! Somehow, the popularity of classics doesn't bother me so much. Love William!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ellenelle View Post
    One of the things about popularity is that the chart toppers of today's Top 100 lists aren't being used by as high a portion of the population as the highest ranked names a few decades ago. (All the parents for whom popularity is a problem name their kids something else, reducing the number of overall kids named #1-10 names.)

    William is a classic; it'll never be trendy or dated, so it's not like you're obliviously hopping on the "-ayden" bandwagon. Both William and Sofia made it to the top because they're awesome, lovely names!

    If you LOVE and agree on a name, esp. one with significance, and it happens to be at the top, it's really up to you whether you are bothered too much by the possibility of your son being Will M. now and then. Some Berries hate that; others aren't perturbed. Most f us tend to fall into the do-what-you-love camp, though, so I say if you feel like it's The One, stick with it
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    William isn't popular, its perennial! Never too popular, never really off the list. A perfect match for Sofia!

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