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    fiammetta Guest

    Rename my grandparents families!

    Or you may guess if you like, I'll put birth years to make it historically accurate if you wish.

    Maternal Grandmother:
    DH (b. 1920's): NF
    DW (b. 1928): YIJ

    DS (b. 1947): FJ
    DD (my grandma, b. 1948): WA
    DD (b. 1952): LJ
    DS (b. 1954): NJ (known by middle name)
    DS (b. 1956): LW
    DD (b. 1969): LM (known by middle name)

    Maternal Grandfather:
    DH (b. 1913): JFC
    DW (b. 1916): HJ

    DS (b. 1941): PJ
    DD(b. 1943): LJ
    DS (my grandfather, b. 1947): MA

    Paternal Grandmother:
    DH (b. 1904): GAC
    DW (b. 1908): GW

    DS (b. 1941): GA
    DD (b. 1943): NG
    DD (b. 1947): IL
    DD (b. 1948): CA

    Paternal Grandfather:
    DH (b. 1903): GWS
    DW (b. 1908) : IE

    DD (b. 1922) : MR
    DD (b. 1938): EJ
    DD (b. 1941): JK
    DS (my grandfather, b. 1945): WG
    DD (b. 1945): BE
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    fiammetta Guest
    I am using the most popular name for that letter from the years/decade that they were born..

    Maternal Grandmother:
    DH: Norman Frank
    DW: Yolanda Irene Jean

    DS: Francis John
    DD: Wendy Anne
    DD: Lynette Judith
    DS: Neil James
    DS: Leslie Wayne
    DD: Lisa Michelle

    7/17 names correct

    Maternal Grandfather:
    DH: John Frank Charles
    DW: Helen Josephine

    DS: Peter John
    DD: Lynette Judith
    DS: Michael Alan

    5/11 names correct

    Paternal Grandmother:
    DH: George Arthur Charles
    DW: Gladys Willie

    DS: Graeme Alan
    DD: Nola Glenys
    DD: Irene Lynette
    DD: Christine Anne

    3/13 names correct

    Paternal Grandfather:
    DH: George William Samuel
    DW: Irene Elizabeth

    DD: Mary Ruth
    DD: Evelyn Joan
    DD: Judith Kathleen
    DS: William Geoffrey
    DD: Beverley Elaine

    3/15 names correct

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    Maternal Grandmother
    DH: Henry Frederik
    DW: Yelena Ivy Juliet
    DS: Frederik James
    DD: Winnie Annabel
    DD: Louisa June
    DS: Nathaniel Joseph
    DS: Lucas William
    DD: Laura Margaret

    Maternal Grandmother
    DH: Jacob Felix Callum
    DW: Hallie Jayne
    DS: Peter Jacob
    DD: Laurie Jayne
    DS: Marcus Abraham

    Paternal Grandmother
    DH: George Alfred Charles
    DW: Grace Amelie
    DS: Gregory Adam
    DD: Nicola Grace
    DD: Isabel Lara
    DD: Charlotte Ava

    Paternal Grandfather
    DH: Grayson Wilbur Samuel
    DW: Ivy Elizabeth
    DD: Madeline Ruth
    DD: Elsa Jemimah
    DD: Joanna Kate
    DS: Wesley Grant
    DD: Beth Emily
    Girls: Ella, Amelia, Freya, Charlotte, Sophia, Chloe, Isabella, Madeline, Hannah, Eleanor.

    Boys: Isaac, Oscar, Theodore, Jacob, Noah, Zachary, Nathaniel, Lucas, Edward, Zane.

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    fiammetta Guest
    Maternal Grandmother: 0/17 correct
    Maternal Grandfather: 1/11 correct
    Paternal Grandmother: 3/13 correct
    Paternal Grandfather: 1/15 correct

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