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Thread: Family Ties

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    I agree with using names that are connected in some way - whether it be meaning, sound, parent/diminutive, whatever - with the family name if you don't like it. But honestly, I feel like this is what second middle names are for, if you're not otherwise opposed to them. Gerald/ine is a name that's been passed down for several generations through one side of my family, and I don't actually like the name all that much but didn't want to break the streak - so Liv is actually Olivia Mary Geraldine. My other idea was to use Gertrude - which I do like - to honour the Geralds and Geraldines. But DH didn't like Gertrude, so we went with the second mn.

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    I think honor names are more important to the parents and the person the name honors. The kid might like it, or they may not -- same with any other name. I was named after both my grandmothers, and I like both my names well enough, but I never felt any special connection to my grandmothers just because we shared a name. (And if I didn't like the names, I probably would have hated it, even if they were my grandmothers' names.) Unless it's important to you to use family names, I'd recommend just going with what you love, especially if you don't really love the family names themselves.

    (Plus, to be honest, I just like Violet and Jonathan a whole lot better than Dwyn and Kevin.)
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    I would only use a family name if I loved the name. I've been having this dilemma with Brown, my grandmother's maiden name. While I would love to honor that side of my family, I just can't convince myself of Brown as a name - even in the middle spot. There are names I love more that, realistically, I know I would use before Brown. I crossed Brown off my list.

    The best name is a name that you love and that has meaning to you. If Dwyn and Kevin aren't those names, then I would keep looking.

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    It depends. For me, there are so many people I would want to honor, that I would feel bad only selecting one name. The only names I'm planning on passing down is my middle name and a name from baby's father. Everyone else will just get a name I love.

    To me, it's more important to name a child something everyone can be happy about rather than having people be upset, "Well of course she named the baby after her great aunt. I wish she had named her after my cousin ____"
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    Personally, I would use a classic family name. I love that I share initials with my dad and all his siblings. I love that I share a middle with my grandmother and momma.

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