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    I like the suggestion of Wilhelmina. That name has so many great nicknames. The only other thing I can think of is if you don't mind Lord of the Rings names then you could use Eowyn to get to the nickname Winnie. I LOVE the name Eowyn!

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    In the UK nickname-names are so 'in' right now! Their are so many Alfie's, Archie's, Jack's, Millie's, Ellie's, and Mia's and because of this people are turning towards more unusual nickname choices to be fashionable yet unique like for instance Effie and Annie. I think Winnie fits right in with this trend, yet is far more unusual than the other nickname choices. She fits in with the likes of Effie, Annie and Hattie. Winnie has a sweet, light, and intriguing sound. Winnie looks visually adorable and would make a great choice.

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    I love Winnie! The thing is, I think it really, really needs a full name to back it up...ya know? I really like Winifred. I know the "fred" sound can be unappealing, but it just takes some getting used to.

    Another alternative is Guinevere, but is that too much of a stretch for you?
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    I love Winnie on its own. So adorable. My longer version, if I had one, would be Gwendolyn.

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    I think Winnie is adorable! I love it. Gwendolyn and Winter are my favorite long versions, but I think Gwyneth nn Winnie would be pretty cute, too. Or any other Gwen name--Gwenore, Guinevere, etc. I personally wouldn't use it on its own, but there are probably three official nicknames/diminutives I would use on their own--Jack, Tess, and Kate (although I would only use Kate as a MN--not because I don't think it ages well, but because I really can't see me with a just Kate over the glorious Catherine!).
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