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    Question Just One Name

    Does anyone have, or have you given your child, one name only? No middles?

    I know it will probably be anathema to most 'berries, and there are plenty of good reasons for giving one or more middles, but I wondered if there were any one-namers out there and how you felt about it? I can imagine that it makes the name more powerful and gives an even stronger feeling of identity with that person.

    My dad is just called Philip, and says he's never wanted another name. Then again, I doubt he ever thought about names at all before he had a name-nerd daughter!
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    I don't have a middle name but I have a patronymic derived from my father's name. That's because I am half-Ukrainian but I am using 2 middles for my own DD
    Actually, I think middle name is important because you can use it instead of your first name which you may happen not to like. I dislike my name and patronymic isn't chosen by parents, vise versa they have to pick the name to go with patronymic. So I have to go by other name I like.
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    I have a good friend who only has one name. Her family continues the Hispanic tradition of having your mother's and father's last name being your full surname and her fn is 3 syllables, so her parents thought it was too much name if they gave her a mn too. She doesn't mind at all. She says it makes her feel unique because everyone has a mn.

    My cousin, on the other hand, has no middle name but her sisters all have the same middle name. She has no idea why they didn't give her a mn and she feels left out.

    I feel as though it's something you have to do with all your children- all have a mn or none have a mn.
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