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    What do you think of the name Maia?

    I think DH and I have settled on Maia [MY-UH] for our babygirl. What do you think about this name as a whole? And which spelling do you prefer Maya or Maia? I've ruled out the spelling Mya completely. In my opinion it's just looks very choppy and incomplete. I prefer Maia over Maya mainly because of pronounciation. I feel like a lot of people will call her MAY-UH which I don't like at all. Also I'd like some middle name suggestions as well. I'd like to honor my mother who's name is Anabela. I don't particularly like the way Maia Anabela sounds with the double A sounds, so I was thinking Maia Anabelle. What are opinions? Please include some other middle name suggestions preferably ones with 3-4 syllables since Maia is already so short. Thanks in advance

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