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    Unhappy Dilemma: Alternatives to "Family" Names?

    My SO and I were recently discussing honoring family members through names. I like the idea of honoring ancestors and carrying on a tradition, but (no offense intended) the names are absolutely horrible on both sides! I posted a list so you can see how truly terrible it all is! It doesn't help that he has traditions on both sides (Mary + Edward) which are names I particularly dislike. I don't really like the whole idea of traditional and popular names. My family has a "Lynn" tradition (Mavalyn, Terry Lynn, my name is Lyndsey) which is easily tacked onto any name or middle name (Chaselyn + Gracelyn if twins?). So we have considered variants (like 'Marie' for 'Mary') or placing them into middle names (can't for the life of me think of one using 'Mary') or even both ('Ava/Layken Marie'). I don't want to be rude or upset anyone, but I really want a good baby name that we both love and I think they should be honored that we're even considering naming our children after them. Any suggestions or thoughts?

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    Aileah (Ida/Irene and Leah)
    I like Vernon Terry
    Carrie/Kary/etc. (Kimberly and Terry)
    Marilyn for Mary and Lynn?
    Edith (edward)
    Maevalyn (Mavalyn)

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    Quote Originally Posted by nowsintechnicolor View Post
    Aileah (Ida/Irene and Leah)
    Marilyn for Mary and Lynn?
    Oh, those are delightful!

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    Haha, there are several here I like (Lucille, Leah, Mary, Frances, Vincent), but I understand that these aren't everyone's taste If you like neither traditional nor popular names, what kinds of names do you like? Are Chaselyn and Gracelyn, Layken, or Ava examples of names that fit within your taste, or just examples of what you mean regarding those traditions?

    My suggestions take the names and run with them for either gender. Maybe something'll pop.

    Terry: Theresa/Teresa, Tessa, Reese, Tara, Terence, Terrell
    Lynn (some might be too close to your name): Linnea, Linnet, Linden, Melinda (or similar), Adalyn (or similar)
    Vincent: Vinson
    Edward: Ward, Edmond/Edmund/Edgar, Edison, Ned, Ted
    Mavalyn: Maeve, May, Ava, Maylin, Madeline/Madelyn (similar look and sound)
    Irene: Rena, Renee, Iris, Irini
    Kimberly: Kimbra, Kimber, Kimba, Beryl, Ember
    Anne: Annora, Anneliese, Ana or Anna, Anya/Anja, Anina, Anniston, Annika, Annie
    Mary: Mariel/Marielle, Marian, Marie, Marigold, Magdalene/Magdalena, Meredith (similar start), Marilyn, Marianna
    Francis/Frances: Francine, Franklin, Ann or any of its variants
    Vernon: Vera, Nona, Verbena, Verona, Veronica
    Archie: Archer, Arden, Arbor, Harper
    Ida: Ada/Adah
    Lucille: Lucy, Lucia, Lux or Luz, Cilla, Lucinda, Lucien, Lucas, Luke, Louis (close)
    Leah: Lee, Lia, Lior, Lea, Leigh
    Collene: Colin, Cole, Lena, Oliver (for the Olly)

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    I'm not really sure of your naming style, so I provided a mix (along with a mix of boys and girl names)

    Any inspiration from:

    Terry - Terrence, Theresa/Teresa, Terrell, Tara / Terra, Teralyn, Taryn / Teryn, Stretchy ideas: Carter, Dexter, Hunter, Winter
    Vincent - Vincenzo, Vincenza, Vincentia Stretchy ideas: Lavinia, Calvin, Millicent, Gavin
    Edward - Edmund
    Mavalyn - Maeve / Maeva, Mae, Ava Lynn / Evelyn, Marvin (could work for Vincent and Mavalyn)
    Irene - Irena, Irina, Renee, Renata
    Kimberly Anne - Kimana / Kimani (I think this works well for Kimberly Anne), Eliakim, Joakim
    Mary - Marilyn, Mariah
    Francis - Francesca, Frances, Franco, Frank
    Vernon - Vera, Verona, Verena / Verina, Vergil, Veruca, Stretchy ideas: Ever, Everly, Fern
    Archie - Arcadia, Arcelia, Archer, Stretchy ideas: Darcy, March
    Ida - Idelle, Idella, Idony, Idaia, Idalia, Idan,
    Lucille - Lucy, Lucina, Lucas, Luca, Luke, Lucia, Lucian
    Leah - Lia, Leanna
    Collene - Cole, Colette Colin (while not spelt as your family does, a nice way to get a boy name with -lynn/-lin, and honors another family member too)
    Lynn - Linnea
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