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    What style of names do you like? If the family names are off table, what names would you pick?

    I have three kiddos and each has a family middle name. They aren't names I would have necessarily picked otherwise, but I love the idea of honoring their ancestors this way. I also was sure to pick first names I loved and were not used in the family before. I see lots of great middle name potential in your list. I'd say all of them would make good mn picks with maybe the exception of Terry and Archie as they sound more like nicknames.

    BTW my kids are Wesley Eugene (Eugene being BOTH paternal great-grandfathers and also my father-in-law's name)
    Dexter Charles (Charles is my grandfather on my mom's side)
    and Beatrix Esther (Esther being two of my great-grandmothers as well as my grandmother's mn)

    PS I had a friend Irene growing up and always loved her name! I thought it was vintage, pretty and unique.
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