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    Roleplayers: Favorite Character Names

    Okay, So I am a huge nerd who loved tabletop RPGs like D&D, WoD, Shadowrun, etc... I know there are a few of you out there also, and I was wondering what some of your favorite characters have been.

    Here are Mine

    #1 Favorite of All Time: Ariel D'Allyndra and her daughter, Tempest Thatch
    -Ariel was an epic-level airship pirate sorceress that I played for 3 years. she eventually had a kid with her mentor, the dread pirate Edward Thatch (who I also RPed at one point). She also had several other lovers- Dezzian and Matteo

    Other favs:

    Xirlena Swift

    Brigid Starblade

    Satu Enid

    Fiachra Riordan

    Hesoukia Brightwing
    Sequoia Orion born November 2014
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    I do forum RPG (Hogwarts style). I've had four characters on my site so far. Death (literally keeper of the Void etc etc) is by far my favourite! He's selfish and vain but he's a master of wit and gets to say the best lines. Unfortunately I'm not playing him at the moment

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    My current D&D character is Pseren (Seh-ren) Leaftreader, an Eladrin ranger.
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