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    Thoughts on this combo?

    Hello eveyone
    I posted a while ago about a boys name; Jasper Arne, and loved the responses I got. Well, being a name lover has it´s negatives, like not being able to settle for a name. But I think that I finally found a name that works; Elvira Maybelle, nicknamed Ellie May. Elvira is the name of my great grandmother, so that is staying, and Maybelle is a name that I love. But I´d love to hear your suggestions about what would work great with Elvira, and preferrably with a May sound. Thank you!

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    I hate saying this because I love family names, but I really dislike Elvira. Maybelle is adorable and I even like Ellie May. I think I would either go with Ellie May, Maybelle, or come up with another name that honors Elvira.

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    Sorry, not a fan of Elvira. Maybelle is a beautiful name though. Maybe Elva or Elsa?

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    Quote Originally Posted by seazuno86 View Post
    Sorry, not a fan of Elvira. Maybelle is a beautiful name though. Maybe Elva or Elsa?
    I think the same.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    My grandmothers name was Elvira too. Prn. Elle-veer-ah (she was Mexican). I think it is so pretty. I like the sound of Maybelle but not the look. Other than that I think it is a lovely combo.

    Elvira Mabel
    Elvira Mae
    Elvira Moselle
    Elvira Maeve
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