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    I wasn't a dolly person at all. I was totally in to my cuddly animals. I only ever had a couple of dolls and only one I think wasn't named when I got her. She was called Suzie, but I think that was my parents doing.

    I couldn't even begin to list all of the animals I had (okay, have) though I still know all their names. There are well over 100 with no name-duplicates that I can think of. However my favourite when I was a toddler was a bear named Barney, though I think that was my parents too. When I was 8 I got two stuffed dogs for Christmas - Rufus the rottweiler and Dotty the dalmatian. They're married and still sleep with me in bed *embarrassed face*. There are also two giant stuffed dogs at the bottom of my bed (they're bigger than my actual dog) and they're Ellie the old English sheepdog (who was called Charlie when I got her, but I already had a Charley) and Wolfgang the German shepherd.

    I think the best though, was me naming a little stuffed dog Cecil. I was two. My parents have no idea where I got the name from.
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    My Cabbage Patch Kid was named something ridiculous (I don't remember what) but I didn't like that so I named him Archibald .

    Oh, and when I was 1 or so, I named a lamb plushie I had "Lamby". Yup, I was one creative kid....

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    My favourite doll was Lucy...! I also had Caroline and Lisa (Lisa came already named!) and I had a bunny called Rosie...

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    I had a Rufus - first Cabbage Patch. And a Sarah - second CP doll. That's all I remember though I was partial to the name Todd for some strange reason. The CP dolls were named on their birth certificates and I really have no idea where 'Todd' came from as I don't like that name now. *shrug*
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    The one I can remember best was called Cassie. I was mostly a fan of stuffed animals rather than dolls, so here's what I can remember...

    Kitty-Ruff (a gray cat who I pretended barked like a dog)
    Amber (an orange tabby cat who looked exactly like Kitty-Ruff. She was his twin sister.)
    Spike (a stuffed German shepherd)
    Ginger (a fluffy orange cat with white paws - "dated" Spike)
    Sally (a black lab who also dated Spike ((shut up, I was a hopeless romantic)))
    Alex (a lion)
    Simba (a lion)
    Nala (a lion) ((Creative, right?))

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