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    I never really had many dolls. My mom gave me a homemade pillowcase doll at birth, and I only ever remember calling it "pillow baby". She said its name was Ms. Hollywood, but I refused to call it that. I had a small doll named Molly, but her eyes would open and close and it scared me... so I didn't care for her much. I had a yellow doll named "yellow baby" that belonged to my aunt....

    And a stuffed dog named Scamp, but he was really the only one I ever played with/carried.

    Yeah, I wasn't much into naming as a child. I generally called things whatever they looked like.

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    The only dolls I had were American Girl dolls, and most of them came with names. I named my "lookalike" doll Hazel and my Bitty Baby twins were Edward and Eleanor. I also had a doll named Jessie that I got in first grade, but she wasn't an AG doll.

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    had several dolls over the years, but the only ones I can remember are Tiffany, Sandy, & Benjamin.
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    I had a ton of dolls and teddy bears! The only names I remember are Kiara, Moonblossom, Teddy, Marie, and Hanna. I wasn't really into names as a child.

    Last year I got this huge Valentine's Day bear from my mom with a big pink heart for a nose, and I named it Carys Loveblossom.
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    I named my doll Cheyenne. So not my style anymore.

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