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    First of all anyone who tells you that you "better start soon" has no social skills or boundaries! You can start whenever you'd like or never start at all for that matter! Your biological clock is just barely starting to become a concern! I would just answer by asking them when they plan on starting to use botox or when they'll finally get their tubes tied or some equally rude question based on their life choices!!

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    November isn't far away! Maybe do something to make yourself feel more in control, like getting off hormonal birth control and switching to barrier types (if that even applies to you). Also could start prenatal vitamins in a few more months. Basically getting your body ready to TTC. Don't worry about potential fertility issues. You'll cross that bridge, like thousands of others (myself included), if you ever have to. Good luck

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    I just wanted to pop on and say thank you to everyone! I am definitely making sure only good stuff goes into my body, including daily multivitamins with folic acid. Making sure I am exercising at least a little every day (did an awesome 7-mile hike with hubby yesterday!). Trying to focus on doing really well in school and earning extra brownie points at work. We agreed that I should have my IUD removed in November, and at that point I am thinking we won;t so much "try" as just stop actively preventing. I don't want to stress out about it too much and self-sabotage - I am just trying to have faith that little Cytheria or Sequoia will come along when they're meant to (haha, my husband calls them that already which I find so charming!)

    Much, MUCH love to all of my fellow ladies-in-waiting-to-ttc!
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    Moonkai, glad to hear your doing better.
    I too decided to be pro-active and am going to the OBGYN to have my fertility assessed while also doing a yearly check up. I guess SO agreed that should the doctor for-see problems he'd agree to an accelerated time line. (I guess having friend who've gone through major fertility issues who are our age can kick guys in the butt).

    In the mean time, I'm trying to keep down my baby-envy and new-mommy-annoyance levels. (Seriously you can leave the kid in the crib by itself to pick up the phone. The kids four days old - he's not likely to get into trouble. <sigh>).

    Anyway, like always it's great to read other peoples rants cause I'm right there with ya'll.
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    For some women, conceiving can be as easy as tossing out their contraception, whether they're working on their first baby or their fourth. For others, reaching the goal of fertilization becomes a nightly chore, a mad mating dance that revolves around ovulation kits, specific sexual positions, and, more and more commonly, a succession of fertility tests to help pinpoint possible problems.

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