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    Three Names, One Meaning

    I had been wrestling with myself between the top three sibling sets for our little gremlins and was having a seriously hard time. I thought I'd have an aneurysm or nervous breakdown or something. Then I noticed something: they all just shared a theme, origin, etc. So I read "Individual Names, Same Meaning" in the blog posts and casually flicked through some meaning lists...and liked what I saw. Here are my favorite groups for names that share a subliminal meaning.

    Mika, Nyssa, and Oriana (new beginnings)
    Althea, Maude, Zaila (brave/powerful)
    Arabella, Ilona, Vashti (beautiful)
    Adira, Bridget, Keren (strong/powerful)
    Adelpha, Imogen, Mila (love)
    Amity, Auden, Bellamy (friendly)
    Alair, Ilaria, Seeley (happy)

    Whadawe think?


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