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    Old Church Directory names

    I work at a church, and this afternoon as I was digging through the filing cabinet, I found a bunch of church family directories (complete with photos) from the 1980s. They turned out to be a gold mind of interesting names, many of which I'd never heard before or had heard only rarely. Bear in mind many of the church members were in their 70s and 80s at the time (30ish years ago). Here are some that stood out:

    Cornelius (more than one; I have a soft spot for this name), Elwood, Ewald, Glover, Mervin, Norval, Simeon, Theophilus (actually know someone who just used this for her baby)

    Augustina, Barton, Berdena, Delsena, Emgar, Etheline, Evona, Faylene, Fronnie, Germaine, Henzel, Hyacinth (this is the only real one I've met; it's hitherto been all "Keeping Up Appearances" to me), Jacoba, Keitha, Letris, Mapleine, Melvena, Normalyn, Oatley, Pearline, Pearlyn, Sabrian, Toddinya (whose brother was named Todd - yikes!), Williamina

    Mer/Myr seemed to be a hip first syllable at some point. In addition to Myrtle, there was Merle, Merna, Mervis, Myricyl, and Myrtice (all women).

    Ver- names were also hip. There was a Verda, Verleta, and Verna.

    And lest we think creative spelling is a new phenomenon, there was an Imojene, and a Taunya.

    What do you think of these names, berries? Would you use any of them? I like Augustina, Sabrian, and Pearline, Hyacinth.
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