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    The Made Up Name Challenge

    This is just a small, fun challenge to all you berries out there...

    First Step

    Make 3 names up on the spot, for e.g Jurielo, Piotyna, Xersella

    (If you are stuck try combining any 'real' names together, for e.g Toby + Penelope = Tenelope)

    Second Step

    If you like any of the names you have come up with would you consider using them? Before answering think on this:

    In a perfect world where there was no judgement, push for 'real' and 'familiar' names would you use this made up name?

    Third Step

    Pick your top favorite 'real' name at the moment for e.g Louisa. [In an alternative universe] After a bit of researching you find out it isn't a real name. Would you still consider using it?

    If no. (Though this might not be the case for you)...You have loved it for a long, long time and it was always going to be the name of your first born child. Would you consider ditching it because it was 'made-up'?


    I'll start:

    1. Lucara, Nirin and Vivola.
    2. I would consider using Nirin because it sounds very pretty, and in a perfect world I might use it in first spot...But after I have used all my favorites of course.
    3. I would be hugely disappointed, but if I loved it so much I would still use it.


    I realize I could have put this topic into the Baby Name Game section...But since the challenge poses a few issues we face today in society when naming our children, I thought we could also talk about made up names in general and what your thoughts on them are.

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