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    I think Ethel could POSSIBLY come back...but I'm not sure about the other names...
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    I know of a lovely little Irma! I really like Joyce and Vigdis. Shirley isn't that bad either. Gertrude, Griselda and Brunhilda aren't my cup of tea, really.

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    I agree that Joyce's place on the list is questionable.

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    I see these names working...
    Ethel (British singer Lily Allen has a Ethel Mary)

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    I may be biased, but I think Edna doesn't belong on this list. I think it's really close to a lot of the 'old-lady' names that are edging into fashion: short, ends in -ah sound, simple. Plus, with the nn Eddie/Edie, it's similar to Charlie (for Charlotte) and Frankie (for Francis or alone) that are getting pretty popular--traditional male nns for classic feminine names.

    I also think Doris could come back, as Dora and Dorrie are pretty cute nns.

    Actually, I think several of these names could easy be the revival names in 20 or so more years, when they sound "fresh" and different to all the current Charlottes and Avas, and they want to honor their own grandmothers or great-grandmothers: Joyce, Shirley, Phyllis and Ethel are the closest to that possibility, IMO.

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