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    Dream Girl List:
    Oswin Rose - I really REALLY like girls' names that end in -wen. Anwen, Lilwen, Rhoswen. So while Oswin doesn't particular do it for me, I like the overall feel. I don't watch Dr. Who or know anything about it.
    Artemis - I love Artemis and Artemisia
    Hero - Dislike. A lot. And I love a lot of Shakespearean names, but I just cannot. Viola Oswin would be swoonworthy though.

    Eliza - Love
    Posy - Feels cutesy. It's adorable actually but its very tiny girl or old lady to me. I imagine it as a nickname. Mariposa? Josephine?
    Bliss - Way wackier than Artemis. And not as nice as Blythe.

    Dream Boy List:
    Milo - Not dream-weird at all. It's not my style but its pretty on trend. If you love it I have no idea why it wouldn't be usable. I just don't like it and prefer Miles, same as I prefer Hugh to Hugo, sorry.
    Jess - Usable, but prefer Jesse.
    Kit - Makes me think of Kit Carson in terms of males named Kit. In fact I'd toy with using Carson as the formal form, but I am a history nerd. I like Kit, but my true love for it is Katharine. Sorry.

    Safe Boy List:
    Thomas - Hate it. Sorry. Thomas wigs me out. Please use Jess or Kit instead. Most people don't hate it nearly as much as I do though so its sorta safe.
    Samuel - It's fine. I prefer Samson but that might be as weird as anything on your dream list. Nothing's really wrong with Samuel.
    Wesley - No more normal than Milo, and no nicer either. The only W name that's normal-ish that I like for a boy is Wyatt.

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    I actually named my daughter Oswin Rose, so I approve of that name. I get a lot of compliments on her name, but I'm constantly being asked to spell it and people ask if it's a family name, which leads me into long explanations. Very few people have made the Dr. Who connection.

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    I just wanted to stand up for Hero as a name for a girl. I think I like it because of its similarity to Hera, which I really, really like. I also think Hero is fine for a girl and not necessarily masculine. I heard American linguists recently say that American English is moving away from gender specific nouns. "Actors" now mean both men and women quite commonly. We can have a master of ceremonies that is a woman. In the same vein, I don't think that we need to absolutely specify a female hero as a heroine.
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    I really like all of these names-- I especially love the name Artemis. I always love Greek names, and have thought a lot about using Athena or its Roman counterpart, Minerva. The only name I feel a bit weird about giving to a boy is Kit because it's been a name I've always loved on a little girl. I think Jess on a little boy could be really cute.

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    I like Oswin and Milo, but the rest I really don't like at all. Especially Jess and Kit for boys. They just seem WAY too feminine to me. That's like a step below naming your son Jessica. I do really like Jesse, though. Artemis and Hero I just think are weird.

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