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    Quote Originally Posted by celianne View Post
    Artemis -- There is NOTHING wrong with naming your kid this. I love it. It has a wealth of good nicknames; Art, Temmy, Missie, and any variations on those you can think of.
    Eliza -- I love Eliza!
    Posy and Bliss -- I'm much more likely to question Posy and Bliss than Oswin and Artemis. Seriously; Oswin and Artemis have the benefit of being ten times cooler.
    Milo -- MILO IS SO COOL WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. I also like Miles. Milo is completely acceptable; if I ever ran into someone who'd named their little boy Milo I would compliment them on their fantastic taste.
    Thomas -- Ehhh... I like it, but compared to Milo?
    Samuel -- Same. Milo wins.
    Most of your dream names are perfectly fine. Who CARES what everyone else thinks? There's some names where I'd be like NO, but none of them are on your lists. O_o
    I completely agree! I love the name Oswin after the Doctor Who character, though it is very superfan-ish.

    My favorites on your list are Eliza and Milo. That would be an awesome sibling set.
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    I think Jess is a great boy's name, but Jesse would be safer. Hero is cute for a URL, if you ask me. I would prefer it as a mn though
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    Honest reactions:

    Oswin Rose-- pretty but it's a hard name for a little girl to live with. Would you call her Ozzy? Winny?
    Artemis-- I knew a girl in HS with this name. She was Greek so it worked, I guess. I'm sure she was teased though.
    Hero- why would you do that to a child?

    Eliza-pretty in that "everything old is new" way. Makes me think of Eliza Doolittle/Pygmalion/My Fair Lady.
    Posy- cute. Makes me think of Parker Posey
    Bliss- future stripper?

    Milo-makes me think of a small dog. a jack russell perhaps?
    Jess- will probably get beaten up. If you name him Jesse and call him Jess, that could work. Also brings to mind the song "a boy named sue"
    Kit- I think of a 1950's housewife.

    Thomas- classic
    Wesley- makes me think of Westley from the princess bride-- not in a good way. Also conjures images of weasels and other rodents (rats and such). And those swamp monster things from the princess bride.

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    I don't really think there is a big difference in "normal"/"absurdness" in your dream vs safe list.
    They are all equally useable to me.
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    First keep in mind that I am a high school teacher, so see about 120 kids per year with all there names, classic, trendy, weird, horrible, interesting, etc.

    Dream Girl List:
    Oswin Rose -- I don't personally care for this name at all, but I would only think her parents were a little bit weird, and go with it. I have a student this year who pronounces her name very similar to this (we won't go into her wacky spelling though), so I am now kind of used to it.
    Artemis -- Again, it's not something I care for personally as I think it has a harsh mannish sound. But I have a wonderful female friend named Artie (not short for anything), and this is no stranger than some of the other students that I have.
    Hero -- I would think this was weird. I know it's a real name with a heritage and literary connections, but it is also a word with a meaning, and I just don't think it works on a pretty little girl or a grown woman.

    Safe Girl List:
    Eliza -- Love it!!
    Posy -- Not my style at all, and I'd roll my eyes a bit in my head, but go right along with it as she sits next to the rhyming Josie and the growing in popularity Juniper and Azalea.
    Bliss -- I don't care for this, but I also see it as one of those names that I would like if I knew someone named it and got used to it.

    Dream Boy List:
    Milo -- Not weird at all. I have a weird association with it (it is the name of the scheduling and billing system used by my university), but that is only going to affect the handful of people that went to that school. This is a n
    Jess -- Not weird at all. I would be a slight bit of "hmm, not short for Jesse? Okay" but then move on and be fine.
    Kit -- Slightly odd, but not crazy. It's very girly to me, because of the American Girl doll, but there is nothing wrong with it. Give him a good strong middle name with awesome flow, and who cares if it's not Christopher.

    Safe Boy List:
    Thomas -- So handsome! Love this, Tom, and Tommy for a little one.
    Samuel -- So handsome!!
    Wesley -- Great name!

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