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    I like all of them except Oswin and Bliss. Although I really like Posy, it doesn't seem like a name an adult would have. I love, love, love Hero and I think Jess is way cooler than Jesse. I don't know why he would get bullied for it. I also agree with celianne that Kitt looks more complete.

    I think that you are never going to find a name that makes everyone happy. And if kids are going to tease your kid, they're going to do it whether he's named Jess or whether he's named Thomas. My name is Amy. You wouldn't really expect there to be teasing potential, but I was given cruel nicknames. None of your names are ridiculous (except maybe Bliss) and they don't really seem exceptionally tease-worthy. Just pick a name that you love and that you can see your child growing into, because they are going to spend much more of their lives as adults than as children.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tangocamper View Post
    I like most of the names on your lists, especially Bliss and Milo. The only name I don't like is Hero. Firstly a girl should be Heroine and obviously that is not appropriate. Also, I feel like some titles should be earned and not bestowed upon babies. I wouldn't want to diminish the awe and respect given to true heroes. I also dislike the names Queenie, Prince, Duke, Baron etc. for the same reason.
    Hero is an old, old name from mythology and literature- not a reference to heroism. Here's the Christopher Marlowe poem "Hero and Leander.":
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    I totally understand your feelings about "Hyper masculine sounding words". I feel the same way. I know you love Milo (I love this too). There's a name that's probably too close, but if you're worried Milo is getting too popular, you might look at Winslow (for a boy!). This is a favorite of mine. It's the name of an uncle. I think it would totally work. It's my favorites list although I will probably use it for middle name.
    Another W name you might like is Wilhelmina for girl which is not too girly in my opinion. Possible Nicknames: Willie, Will, Billie, Minnie, and Mina.
    Good Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ameliawilliams View Post

    So for girls

    Dream Girl List:
    Oswin Rose
    Artemis (no middle name here yet, open to suggestions)

    Safe Girl List:
    Bliss Love it! Had it on my list for my dd!

    Dream Boy List:
    Jess (I love Jess on a boy. Like absolutely adore it. But everyone says he'd get beaten up, so I'd be willing to use Jesse if I had to)
    Kit (i truly loathe the name Christopher...Kristopher is slightly more palatable, and I'd use it just so I could have the nn Kit, but is Kit as a first name okay?)

    Safe Boy List:

    Be honest. If you met a little girl named Oswin or Artemis or a boy named Jess, what would you think of them? What would you think of the parent who named them?

    I think a little boy named Jesse would be better than just jess as then you can shorten it to jess..
    Oswin is a little bit too dr who like atm..but nice.. and ofc dr who companions arnt about forever xx lol just that ppl may see a conection to it even if there isnt one!

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    Emilyva: I think Winslow could grow on me; if there were an instance where I didn't use Milo I would definitely consider Winslow, thanks!

    I have a knee-jerk "yuck" reaction to Wilhelmina for some reason. Just not my style at all. My sister has also called dibs on William if her next child is a boy, which sounds similar to me.

    It's hilarious that you brought up Gilmore Girls! I do like the show (just started re-watching the 1st season over again because of your comment!), but Milo and Jess aren't spawned to it...but I think it solidified my love of Jess and the fact that I think it totally works as a masculine name. Milo is a name I've loved since childhood and didn't even realize it was the actor's name until now. How funny!

    Thanks, everyone who chimed in! It's definitely made me reconsider some of the names. I'm glad I'm not having kids for a good while so that I can have a long think about these names!
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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