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    I like all of them except Oswin and Bliss. Although I really like Posy, it doesn't seem like a name an adult would have. I love, love, love Hero and I think Jess is way cooler than Jesse. I don't know why he would get bullied for it. I also agree with celianne that Kitt looks more complete.

    I think that you are never going to find a name that makes everyone happy. And if kids are going to tease your kid, they're going to do it whether he's named Jess or whether he's named Thomas. My name is Amy. You wouldn't really expect there to be teasing potential, but I was given cruel nicknames. None of your names are ridiculous (except maybe Bliss) and they don't really seem exceptionally tease-worthy. Just pick a name that you love and that you can see your child growing into, because they are going to spend much more of their lives as adults than as children.
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