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    Maybe it's because I'm a Doctor Who fan, but I really like Oswin Rose. I prefer Oswin as a second name though.

    I also like Eliza, but dislike all the other girl names.

    I like all your boy names except for Kit and Wesley.

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    The only reason to avoid Rose with Oswin is because Oswin is SO unique. Martha Rose/Clara Rose/Amelia Rose/Sarah Rose/Susan Rose? No one would think twice. Tegan Rose/Nyssa Rose/Romana Rose/River Rose, though...definitely makes one think of super-fandom. (I'm a huge fan of both Clara and Rose--the companions and the names--and I have no problems using names of favorite characters, soooo.) Oswin has a surname feel, though, which I'm kind of meh about. It's not as off to me as it was before meeting Oswin on the show, though, and Jenna Louise Coleman is so sweet and charming that she makes it sound much more charming that it would be without having her as an inspiration.

    I actually really like your list!
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    I like most of the names on your lists, especially Bliss and Milo. The only name I don't like is Hero. Firstly a girl should be Heroine and obviously that is not appropriate. Also, I feel like some titles should be earned and not bestowed upon babies. I wouldn't want to diminish the awe and respect given to true heroes. I also dislike the names Queenie, Prince, Duke, Baron etc. for the same reason.

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    I do not agree with people who think a boy named Jess would get made fun off. Jess is cool. I like all your girl names except Hero - it seems too Hollywood and trying too hard for the shock factor...especially on a little girl. With that being said, I am also not a fan of playing it safe - you should pick a name you are absolutely in love with and not flinch if/when people make negative statements. My kids all have very different, original names and if I was given a penny for every "interesting" comment I've heard, I'd be rich! My husband and I are obsessed with our kids' names and would never change them for the world.

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    I think you should name your child what you love. Oswin is neat for a girl and I love the meaning. Artemis, and Hero are on my list. Wel lArtemis isn't anymore but I still like it. I wouldn't think anything of the parents or children named those.
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