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    Thanks, everyone, for replying to this! I'm trying to think up a way to answer you all in one post, so I hope this way makes sense

    Oswin: It is indeed taken from a Doctor Who character...I dunno, I just heard the name and fell in love. Where I live, very few people have actually heard of Doctor Who and even fewer watch it, so I kind of assumed that no one would know where it was from. My family like this name (my mom, delighted, exclaimed "Her nickname could be Ozzy!!"), but my friends aren't overly fond of it. I worry about random people hearing it and thinking its a hideous name, or judging me for giving a child that name. I also worry that it would be too "out there" compared to the sibset/

    Artemis: I think of the name Artemis and I can totally see a miniature version of me, a mop of dark curly hair, glasses, nose in a book, wearing sneakers to ballet class. The imagery makes me horribly biased because that kid in my head is freakishly adorable. And I know that the odds of my future kids becoming exactly what I imagine them to be like are slim at best. I love that the name is feminine but not commonly used. I worry about the sibset. I can't decide whether Artemis actually fits with any of the other names on my list. I need an outsider to look at these and tell me. I also worry about how well this name ages. I can see it on a child, a teen, and an elderly person, but am having a hard time picturing it on a young adult or middle-aged person.

    Rose: This one isn't taken from Doctor Who (even though I do love Rose Tyler!). Its just a name I've always loved and thought was under-appreciated. As a child I knew a woman named Rosie and always thought her name was awesome. I also like that while an obvious feminine, floral name, it doesn't come with any expectation for the person named Rose to be a girly girl. I realize its become rather trite as a middle name, but I do so love the way so many names just seem to flow with Rose as the middle name. I would use it as a first name if it went with the sibset. For example, I like Rose with the other boy names I have, but if I ever did use Artemis, would Rose and Artemis be too different on sisters?

    Hero: I more love that its literary while not conforming to gender stereotypes. I live in an area where the majority of girls are given what I consider to be fluff names. There is an overabundance of made-up, yooniquely spelled, frilly girl names that don't sound like names that could be taken seriously on a grown woman, and I think my fondness for the name Hero may stem from the fact that it doesn't conform. Probably not the best basis for naming a child.

    Eliza: This is one of those names that the more I think about it, the more I like it. I like that its well-known but not commonly used. Its feminine without being frilly. It fits in with all of the boy names.

    Posy: This is like Oswin, I heard it and fell in love. Like Rose, it seems short and sweet, without pushing a frilly expectation onto the kid. I kind of like the idea of a tomboy with the name Posy. But the poster who pointed out that it doesn't age well has a good point. Part of me wonders whether that will matter by the time my kids are grown...I mean there will be like great-grandmothers named Nevaeh, so will Posy really be so out of place by then?

    Bliss: I love the old southern lady feel on this name. It reminds me of Blythe, but sounds fresher. As far as it putting expectations on the child, I disagree; I don't expect children named Temperance to be more restrained or moderate than the average child, or a woman named Faith to be more religious. I can also easily see a frilly, feminine child or a tomboy running around with the name Bliss.

    Milo: I have been in love with this name for years. So long that, when I discovered Nameberry and realized it was so popular on here I was disappointed, because I didn't want the name to become popular. Thankfully, where I live people still wrinkle up their noses at the name Milo or sneer and ask whether I'll name another one Otis (hence why it made the dream list over the safe list). This is one of those names that if everyone on earth told me how much they hated it, I would still use it. I love everything about it.

    Jess: I don't know where my love of this name came from, but it is intense. I love the short, strong-but-gentle sound of it. My biggest concern is that once again, the area I live in has pretty strong gender stereotypes. Once a name has been, as one acquaintance put it, "tainted with femininity," people stop using it on their boys. The trend here is that hyper-masculine sounding words are very popular as boy names (I legitimately have heard of little boys here named Rage or Chaos or Riot) and I hate this trend. Jess is such a gorgeous name on a boy, but my biggest fear is that I would name a boy Jess and he would be bullied for it. I would obviously choose Jesse to avoid this, but Jess is my first choice.

    Kit: This is one I can't make up my mind about. I grew up with a boy named Christopher and hated him, so the name Christopher is forever ruined for me. As I said before, Kristopher is more palatable to me, but it seems too long compared to Milo and Jess or Jesse. Kit on its own feels almost too short. I also worry about teasing on this name. I know a couple girls named Kit and would hate for him to be bullied if other kids decided he had a girl's name.

    Thomas: I love that Thomas sounds gentle. It fits well with Milo and Jess/Jesse. I hate the nickname Tommy.

    Samuel: I'm not overly fond of this name; I like it for sounding both masculine and gentle, but I also hate the nickname Sammy and have a lot of female Sam/Sammys in my family.

    Wesley: I like the gentle sound of the name, I like the nickname Wes. I'm not sure if I like the fact that it reminds me of The Princess Bride.

    I'd love to hear more input on these names, suggestions, middle name ideas...whatever you've got. Thanks so much for taking the time to read through my list and give your opinions. I sincerely appreciate it, you guys.
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    Oswin is my current name obsession. So if I were to meet a child with that name, I would automatically assume that their parents have great taste. :lol:

    Hero sounds and is masculine and Posy and Bliss are just awful. Kit is better as a nn, rather than a given name.
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    Oswin Rose -- It's cute! I'd immediately guess Oswin to be a boy's name, how about spelling it Oswinne? just to make it a bit more feminine.
    Artemis -- There is NOTHING wrong with naming your kid this. I love it. It has a wealth of good nicknames; Art, Temmy, Missie, and any variations on those you can think of.
    Hero -- Also would assume a boy. Maybe Hera? I like it, but I wouldn't use it or recommend using it (on a girl, at least). Maybe as a middle name?

    Safe Girl List:
    Eliza -- I love Eliza!
    Posy and Bliss -- I'm much more likely to question Posy and Bliss than Oswin and Artemis. Seriously; Oswin and Artemis have the benefit of being ten times cooler.

    Dream Boy List:
    Milo -- MILO IS SO COOL WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. I also like Miles. Milo is completely acceptable; if I ever ran into someone who'd named their little boy Milo I would compliment them on their fantastic taste.
    Jess -- As a name by itself it's only okay, but it seems silly to compromise with Jesse, which seems much more feminine to me. How about Justin or Regis as full names? It's kind of a stretch, but Jess is a completely viable nickname for both.
    Kit -- Solid nickname; How about Kitt? It looks more complete. Potential ull names (that I made up): Kittian, Trekit, Wrekit, Kitteran, Kitrien.

    Safe Boy List:
    Thomas -- Ehhh... I like it, but compared to Milo?
    Samuel -- Same. Milo wins.
    Wesley -- This one is awesome! I prefer Westley, but it's still a great name!

    Most of your dream names are perfectly fine. Who CARES what everyone else thinks? There's some names where I'd be like NO, but none of them are on your lists. O_o
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    For Oswin Rose, I'll just echo everyone else: Dr Who!

    Artemis - I like this name, but I think it's too bold up front, it just makes the parent look "weird" or "odd" like what were they thinking? As a middle I think it's great.

    Hero - I would wonder what the parent's were thinking when they chose this name. Sure it has Greek mythology, but it's a word and a word that is often used, which can lead to teasing.

    Milo is perfectly normal, not out there at all....
    Jess is also normal, I know a Jesse. It's dated though.

    Kit just reminds me of the American Girl Doll. I never saw it as a boy name... definitely think it's more of a nickname then full name, would prefer Christopher

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    So not only do you watch Doctor Who but I would guess at some point you watched Gilmore Girls. Maybe not. Milo followed by Jess makes me think of the character on GG named Jess played by Milo Ventimiglia. I like Milo or Jess but not Milo and Jess.
    I like Kit but not on it's own; only as a nickname. Boy has to have some options. There is an American girl named Kit, which some of his classmates will have heard. This may lead to teasing.
    I love Thomas, Samuel and Wesley. I think all of these names are usable except Kit and I would chose Jesse over Jess.

    Girls names
    Eliza is the only one I consider not out there at all. I don't think Bliss is safe. I do like Artemis and Hero, although both of gender ambigious. (Yes I know Much Ado About Nothing)
    I would say Beatrice, Nameberry darling that is, seems your style. You could use Bliss as a nickname, and Hero could be her sister and that would be sweet.
    I recently fell in love with Posy, but can't see myself using it. My friends would think I lost it, although some of them are judgmental meanies. I would think someone had a lot of courage using Posy.
    I don't watch Doctor Who, and while many people do, anybody who doesn't would think why did they give a sweet girl a boy's name?
    All of your dream list are gender ambigous; while your safe list is not. Maybe you should find some less girly names that are safer:
    I would also add Felicity, or Joy in place of Bliss.
    I would also look at more Shakespearean names or Mythology names; ex. Iris, Freya, Calliope, Rosalind, Hermia, Celia,
    In short I think Eliza is the only safe name. I like Hero and Posy. I think Artemis as the goddess is somewhat usable. I wouldn't use Bliss or Oswin.
    Good Luck!
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