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  • Elinor

    63 76.83%
  • Elinore

    11 13.41%
  • Eleonor

    3 3.66%
  • Eleonore

    7 8.54%
  • Elenor

    4 4.88%
  • Elenore

    3 3.66%
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    Post Alternate Spelling of ELEANOR POLL!

    I love the name Eleanor and my husbad loved it too! UNTILL HE SAW HOW IT WAS SPELLED... eLeANOr... he is hispanic and ANO is.. well its anus....
    Now I am not a huge fan of younique spellings but I have no issue using an alternative ESTABLISHED spelling (as we did with our son Josef) and i know Eleanor has quite a few alternative spellings SO.... my question is which is your prefered alterate spelling of Eleanor???
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    I don't know why your husband has such a negative reaction to the spelling Eleanor. Is it common for people to pick apart names and find words in their own language? Many names/words have "ano" in them (Giuliano, Luciano, Mariano, Silvano, Stefano, Vanora, Americano, Italiano, Milano etc... and I've never heard anyone having a problem with them). I like Eleanor the best but Elinor is ok too.
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    Elinor is my favorite

    Elinore -that last 'e' sort of bothers me a bit, partly because it's a silent letter..if someone were writing her name they might not put that final e, and while it's not too big a deal, it could get a bit tiresome for her..

    Eleonor -sounds like a donkey bray to me..i see e-leon-or, draw out the r sound..and offense intended..just couldn't help but think that.

    Eleonore- same as Elinore

    Elenor -hmm..i guess this would be my second choice

    Elenore- same as the other 'e' two..
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    I love the look of Eleanor so it's hard for me to choose but I understand your husband's concerns. Elinor is the only one that looks like an established spelling to me, the others do read as trendy to me. I think Elinor and Josef look lovely together

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    100% Elinor.
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