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    Margaret Luna or Luna Margaret?

    Ack. We're stuck on Luna...

    Luna Margaret or Margaret Luna?

    We'll probably call her by her first name. One of my very favorites is Maisie and if DH (will ever) go for it, then he can name her whatever middle name he wants... if I can call her Maisie. We both like Luna.

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    catloverd Guest
    I, personally, love Luna and it's our top name choice. Thus I'm stuck between telling you to use it and telling you go with Margaret, lol!

    Overall, I love Luna more than Margaret.

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    I think I prefer Luna Margaret.

    Although, when I saw Margaret Luna I immediately thought "You could call her Mila!" which is what Jenna Bush Hager did with their new baby girl, Margaret Laura. Isn't that cute?

    Honestly, they are both lovely. Maggie would be a cute nn for Margaret, too. But I think Luna Margaret edges out the vice versa because I like Luna much better.

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    Thats a really tough one Until I saw.your.daughter is.Zoe Katherine, then hands down, Luna Margaret wins.
    Its brilliant, really fantastic name choice.
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    Although I prefer Margaret as a name, I think Luna Margaret would be better with older sister Zoe.
    All the best,

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