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    All about Anna..

    Hello everyone,
    We are expecting baby number 3 in August but do not yet know the sex. We already have 2 boys, Louis Peter and Edouard (Eddie) Eric, both of whom are named after close family relatives. If we have another boy he will be called Simon Felix, also after 2 family members.
    I recently posted a thread asking advice on our girls list, but now I would like to give one of our top names her very own thread..
    Anna..she fits all our criteria- bilingual (French/English), she is my hubbies late grandmother and she has a very special meaning to us. Her middle name would be Judith, after my mother.
    Anna feels right on so many levels..except..that I find her a little boring..especially next to Louis and Eddie. WDYT? Is she? We are surrounded by little Adele's, Edith's, Viviane's, Celeste's, and many other fabulous names. Will Anna be jealous of her class mates monikers? Is she as strong as Elizabeth or Catherine? Or as unremarkable as John or Mary?
    Thanks in advance for your feed-back,

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    I love Anna...always have. I think its an underused classic that is graceful without being fussy. Ann is a family name for me also, so Anna in some form has always been a top contender. At the moment Annabelle is the top contender though so that it has that truly feminine feel. That way she has options as she grows up. She can be Anna or Annabelle, whatever suits her.

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    I personally have always loved the name Anna.
    I'm bilingual English/French also, and it's so true that Anna is as beautiful in both languages.
    She is a common name true, but far from boring I think. Classic and beautiful, rather.

    Otherwise there is:

    The Breton Annaelle ( with the trema, but I don't know how to do that on this keyboard)
    Same for Anais
    The exotic Anastasia

    But I love Anna, and she strikes me as strong, for sure ( and all the Annas I've known have been fabulous)

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    Thanks for the great replies! I too love Annabelle (and Anaelle- my hubby is actually Breton!). Problem is that our last name is Bellec, so anything ending in 'elle' is out. Also, hubby refuses any double barrel names.
    Keep 'em coming and thanks again!

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    I love Anna! I don't think it's boring. Louis and Eddie sound great with Anna- they're all quite classic. My usual style tends towards much more uncommon names-Ariadne and Charis and Tamsin are all on my list of favorites- but I love Anna!
    If you aren't crazy about it, there are zillions of -anna or -ana ending names. Personally, I like:

    Anna beginning names are great too. I love Anais and Anastasia, as pp suggested, and there's also Anneleise and Anatola.

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