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Thread: Name dilemna...

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    Name dilemna...

    Would you choose an extremely popular name if you had had it picked out since childhood?

    Here is my dilemma. We don't know what we are having but have more or less settled on a couple acceptable boys names. Since I had this girl's name I have loved forever and DH and I can never agree usually but he likes it too, I thought we were set on that front. However, the more time that goes by the more I am questioning my choice as I don't really want my child to have to use a last initial constantly and I like things that are different (not that Wyatt, my DS is really a different name but I have never encountered another one his age yet, so it is not as unacceptably popular to me as a top 5 name or anything).

    So...I have spent too much time looking for another girls name and I like a bunch, but don't LOVE them. And DH and I do not agree on anything else. I'm am trying not to worry about the groans from friends/family that it is too popular and just see how I feel about it, but I'm not sure. What would you do? Would you just not care and use it anyway?

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    If it was the only name I loved and the only one we could agree on then I would use it.

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    I'd go with my favorite name, no matter how popular. I actually adore Emma and have for years and it is on my list amidst names that aren't in the top 1000. I would likely pair it with an uncommon middle though if we use it. My husband likes Emma Sonnet . We also like Emma Branwen and a few other combos. I say go with what you love!
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    Without a doubt!

    If you both love the name and it feels right when the baby is born then popularity means nothing.
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    Thank you all! The name we both like is Ava Mae. I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with alternatives or longer versions and nothing is sticking in the same way.

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