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    Any love for Eponine?

    In conjunction with another thread I just posted, I was wondering if there were any Berries that liked the name Eponine. I used to not like it much, but I think it is growing on me and I think the nn Eppie would be really cute. Anyway, feel free to tell me I'm crazy or let me know that you like the name as well!

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    It doesn't appeal to me at all, really. Eppie sounds like drug slang (maybe because it rhymes with ecky, slang for ecstasy).
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    Eponine isn't unfamiliar to me because I'm from a French speaking area, though I'm a Legend of Zelda fanatic and would choose Epona as the nickname.

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    I LOVE Les Mis and the character of Eponine. I think she is strong, brave, kind, all qualities I would want in a daughter. I love the name, and I think Pippa could be a cute nickname.


    It's unusual, almost weird. It would be pronounced wrong often. AND it is SO tied to the one Eponine. I think its generally not a good idea to give kids a name that is tied to one person only. Especially one who, for all her wonderfulness in the musical, wasn't all that awesome in the orginal book. That being said, I wish I could use the name because I do love it. I'm not sure if I ever could.

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    Even with the Les Mis association, the first thing I think of is horses. It just doesn't seem like a very flattering name to me.

    And Eppie reminds me of Epinephrine.

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