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Thread: Unsure

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    What do you think of the full name: Clementine Nora Henry (Or any variety of Nora/Norah/Norra) and the full name:
    Clementine Loa (Pronounced: Low-Uhh ) Henry

    I thought we settled on a good choice: Clementine Adelice (Pronounced: Add-A-Leese) Henry, but I guess my Husband wasn't to sure when he suggested this! Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance for the advice Everyone!
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    Of the three choices, I prefer Clementine Nora Henry the most. Loa looks like it's missing something so it lacks substance and Adelice sounds like a smoosh of Adeline and Alice.
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    I love Clementine, like Nora, but I hate Henry. Too manly/masculine.
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    I see "lice" in adelice and can't like it. It doesn't jump out at me with Alice, maybe because the syllables break differently when spoken. I prefer yor first option with Nora.

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    @zoey I think Henry is the surname

    I like Clementine Nora Henry the best. Loa feels unsubstantial and I can't stop going straight to the "lice" in Adelice. It's nice in theory, but it'd be best to either go with Adelaide or Alice (or even Eloise or Elise) if you wanted that sound.
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